New and Fast Friends
Hey friends,
If you're stopping by from Lysa's blog...I send you a warm,and welcoming southern HOWDEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (That's hi and hello for all you non-southerns).

I can't wait to meet each one of you at this year's She Speaks event. I love to tell people that its the most exhilarating and exhausting weekend of your life.
You are going to experience more fun, laughter, and holy excitement than you ever thought possible.

Please stop by and introduce yourself. Let's get to know one another be ore we meet in a few weeks.

I can't wait!!!

Perseverance does not mean Perfection
"Perseverance does not mean Perfection."

"It means we keep going. We do not quit when we find that we are not yet mature and there is a long journey still before us."
I think one of the counselors in the office (where I work) boiled this down to two little words. She put them above her computer monitor and you see them upon entering her office.
Right foot, Left foot
That's it girlfriends; we are to remain on the journey. knowing we are not going to walk out our faith before others perfectly. Some days we are going to stumble, stub our toes, yell at our families, overeat, not care for our physical or spiritual bodies and get caught doing it.
BUT we continue on in the journey; never throwing up our hands, never throwing in the towel and never quiting!
This last section I'll share today contains my newest motto.
"For perseverance is not resignation, putting up with things the way they are, staying in the same old rut year after year after year, or being a doormat for people to wipe their feet on. Endurance is not a desperate hanging on but a
traveling from strength to strength."...
"Perseverance is triumphant and alive." Eugene Peterson
So the question of the day becomes:
What strength are you traveling to?
Happy weekend blessings ,

Leaving "The Land of Me"
A warm welcome to those of you stopping by my blog today after reading the on-line devotional from
Proverbs 31 Ministries.

I hope you will join us in our conversation on a healthy lifestyle.
Our latest posts have been discussing the importance of discipline and perseverance as we strive to keep our physical and spiritual bodies healthy in order to complete the work ahead of us for God's glory.
I'm using excerpts form Eugene Peterson's book
"A Long Obedience in the Same Direction-Discipleship in an Instant Society"

The pain and struggle of "returning" to a healthy lifestyle after a self-imposed exile in "The Land of Me" is just that; a painful struggle! My muscles continue to ache and joints creek as I persevere to a return to a healthy lifestyle.
I keep my latest motto ever before me:
"It's not about the hips; it's about the heart!"

One goal is to sear the memory of this painful, muscle burning reconditioning into my brain so that I will never forget:
"Remaining in a healthy lifestyle is much less painful
than returning to a healthy lifestyle."
This is true both physically and spiritually.

When the hard work of life (physically and spiritually) enters our lives it is tempting to retreat back into "the Land of Me" in order to comfort and soothe ourselves instead of going to God; the great comforter.

Psalm 121
1 I lift up my eyes to the hills-- where does my help come from?
2 My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.
3 He will not let your foot slip-- he who watches over you will not slumber;
4 indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
5 The Lord watches over you-- the Lord is your shade at your right hand;
6 the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
7 The Lord will keep you from all harm-- he will watch over your life;
8 the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

Study and meditate on this beautiful reminder that God is always with us. He will never let us down and will always be there to help us through the painful struggles.

Peterson urges "Do you think the way to tell the story of the Christian journey is to describe its trials and tribulations? It is not. It is to describe God who preserves and accompanies and rules us."

Be encouraged sweet friends, we are NOT alone as we persevere with discipline.
Let's change our perspective and focus as we
choose to keep our eyes on Jesus who began and finished the race we're in.

Pleae share your insights....

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our continuing topic. in light of your thoughts I'd like to turn our attention to
"the word for today" Repentance.

As we consider the things we are willing to strip off, shed and rid ourselves of I think repentance is the place to begin.
According to Peterson, "Repentance is not an emotion. It is not feeling sorry for your sins. It is a decision.It is deciding you have been wrong in supposing that you could manage your own life and be your own god; it is deciding that you were wrong in thinking that you had, or could get, the strength, education and training to make it on your own...."
"Repentance is the realization that what God wants from you and what you want from God are not going to be achieved by doing the same old things, thinking the same old thoughts."

As pilgrims on a journey we must be willing to want more; more of Christ and HIS character. We must be willing move forward and away from the same old behavior and the "stinkin thinkin" that is keeping us bound up in fear and frailty.

Pilgrims do not stop until they have reached their promised land.

"They are not monuments, but footprints. A monument only says, "At least I got this far", while a footprint says, 'This is where I was when I moved again."" William Faulkner

I can't wait to read your thoughts....
Pilgrim blessings sweet friends

Disciple and Pilgrim
Happy Post Holiday Everyone,
I hope each of you enjoyed the time off from work and with your family/friends. Thank you for all of your sweet and precious comments regarding our 29th anniversary. It was quiet for the most part and we celebrated with our sons last night with a cook-out.

I'd like to continue with our subject of a healthy Lifestyle and today I want to share a few quotes from the book I mentioned 2 posts ago. "A Long Obedience in the Same Direction" by Eugene Peterson.
According to Peterson
"Disciple (mathetes) says we are people who spend our lives apprentices to our master, Jesus Christ. We are in a growing-learning relationship, always. A Disciple is is a learner, but not in the academic setting of a school room, rather at the work site of a craftsman. We do not acquire information about God but skills in faith."
Pilgrim (parepidemos) tells us we are people who spend our lives going someplace, going to God, and whose path for getting there is the way, Jesus Christ." "It means we'd better get on with it. Strip down, start running-and never quit! No extra spiritual fat, no parasitic sins. Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished the race we're in."

I don't know about you sweet sistas, but I find these two quotes not only informative but inspiring.
Each new day is another opportunity to "apprentice" my faith skills with the craftsman himself, Jesus.
We must choose to strip ourselves of those things that hinder the running of our race.
We must choose to shed the extra spiritual fat that hinders the running of our race.
We must choose to rid ourselves of parasitic sins that hinder the running of our race
We must choose to keep our eyes on Jesus who began and finished the race we're in.

So...the question I pose for each of us is:
What will you choose to strip off, shed and rid yourself of?
I'll begin our discussion.
Here are the top three on my list:
Fear of failure, lack of focus and the lack of perseverance (especially when the race is painfully difficult).
I look forward to our discussion.

And The Winners ARE:

Good Morning Blogging Friends,
were drawn from the hat this morning are the winners of the Target gift cards.

Please e-mail me your home address and I'll pop the gift cards in the snail mail to you.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Tom and I are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary on Monday! Yippee and Hallelujah
He's my life's best blessing on this side of heaven.



Healthy Lifestyle Continued
I'm back!
And yes, my quadriceps (upper thighs) are still screaming; you just can't hear them due to the screaming emanating from my arms and back. I'm only kidding friends and being a bit melo-dramatic for effect; but my quads still quiet hurt every time I walk or move.
I actually survived another work out and will post a few pictures in a minute.
I want to examine the spiritual applications to the question I posted earlier:
"I wonder what area of the body we will work on today?"

I've been studying a book with some of the P31 staff on Thursdays for the last few months and we're finishing it today.
"A Long Obedience In The Same Direction" - Discipleship in an Instant Society.
Eugene H. Peterson - Translator of The Message

Take it from this woman with ADD and dyslexia who still struggles with reading; this book is a quick and easy read (for the most part) and it offers a lot of helpful lifestyle lessons.
The book has opened my eyes to a number of different areas in my spiritual life that need to be addressed, worked on, or polished if you will.
Perseverance for instance is one chapter in the book and is the one area the Lord is working on in my life.
Honestly, perseverance doesn't "come naturally" for me. I like to "blame" the ADD or having three part-time jobs but I'm convinced my lack of perseverance goes much deeper than that.
Simply put; I haven't disciplined myself to persevere and that's why I don't persevere.

The dreaded "D" word... Discipline.
At times,I have despised the word discipline.
Look at the definition:
1. training to act in accordance with rules.
2. activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training:
3. punishment inflicted by way of correction and training.
4 .behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control.
verb (used with object)
5. to train by instruction and exercise; drill.
6. to bring to a state of order and obedience by training and control.
7. to punish or penalize in order to train and control; correct; chastise.

As believers in Christ our lives are to be in a state of order, in order to have a powerful and positive influence for the cause of Christ on everyone we interact with and to bring God glory. I can only achieve that ordered state of life if I am obediently training my physical and spiritual bodies through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I don't know about you, but I think I've finally had a light bulb moment here.
Look at the last definition I've listed for the word discipline.
I think choosing to live a disciplined life of perseverance and choosing to allow the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, direct and empower me versus the alternative of punishing penalty in order to train sounds like the right choice for this gal.

Hellooooooooo... screaming thighs,aching back,high cholesterol,unhealthy lifestyle. These are my punishing penalty for not living a disciplined life of perseverance in my physical life.

What about you? What insights are you willing to share?

Here are the pictures I promised from today's work out. Let me clarify one thing... That's not my belly showing in the pictures, it's a shirt peeping out beneath my top shirt and the pink banding at the top of my pants. Trust me; unless
you're my husband or my physician you don't get to see my belly.

Okay, it's your turn... I've been open and honest here; I'm hoping you will too.

Tomorrow I'll be drawing for the (2) $20.00 Target gift cards.

Healthy Lifestyle Part 4
Hey friends,

As I sit her sipping my coffee trying to pry my eyes open long enough to compose this my quadriceps are still aching and screaming at me 36 hours after working out. Yesterday I stretched and stretched again even before going to bed but the wiggly gigglies on the front of my thighs are screaming sore. Surprisingly, my upper body isn't sore at all even after a hard out work.

The pain of being out of shape has set in for real and I'm due at the studio for another work out in 90 minutes.
It's embarrassing and painful to feel the reality and extent of my "out of shape-ness".
I must have been suffering from a menopausal memory lapse when I stopped exercising regularly in the third grade. HA! It really hasn't been that long ago , but it has been 3 years since I walked 2.5 miles every afternoon and lifted weights three days a week.

Oh my goodness... you'd think the painful memory of getting back into shape would be enough motivation to keep me "pressing" (that's bench pressing) forward to the call of a healthy heart.
But alas, the memory can be weak and wobbly (just like my quadriceps. HA! HA!)

I'm going to end this here for now as I have to eat and get ready for today's workout.
But I will post again after I return. I'm even going to take my camera and post a few pictures from today's session.

Hmmm.... I wonder what areas of the body we will concentrate on today?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the spiritual application to that question.
Keep posting friends, I'm thrilled about the valuable lessons we will all learn from one another as we remain on this journey together.

Healthy Lifestyle Part 3
Good Morning blogger friends,

Joy, your post yesterday really addressed the topic so well and it appears you have a handle on balancing your spiritual and physical lifestyles. I have printed your post and have put it in my journal as a precious reminder of you and your insights. Thank you!

Well girlfriends... last night was the dreaded "day of reckoning" I have been postponing as I had my measurements taken, body fat calculated and weight recorded at the "Fitness Together" studio. Okay, I'll admit, it was worse than I had thought, hoped, and prayed for.
At least I can see the truth in black and white and I have a base line in order to track my progress (all be it a wiggly, giggly base line).
I now know the work that lies ahead of me and I have been given a new "fat" attack plan.

So.. here we go; a new day and a new plan in my pursuit of a healthy heart and lifestyle.

I think my motto for this week will be:
"It's not about the hips; it's about the heart"

Will you join in this new adventure?

We are just 2 days away from the drawing for:
(2) $20.00 Target gifts cards.

Keep Posting :-)

Healthy Lifestyle Part 2
Good Morning Friends,

Thanks for all of your posts; it's been interesting to read this "universal" struggle we all share.
I talked to one of the Christian counselors about this subject very briefly yesterday in-between clients and here are a few eye opening things she mentioned. Let's discuss these findings today.

* The world teaches ALL women to put everyone else before ourselves and to feel guilt when we don't.

* As women, we can grow up believing we are NOT important enough or worthy to make or take time for ourselves and this includes a personal daily quiet time. We don't respect ourselves.

* For those of us who repeat the pattern of starting and stopping before the job is completed (I hold an advanced degree in this) the counselor suggests that each of us has areas in our lives where we have success in completeing tasks. We should recognize and celebrate those areas' then find the common thread(s) to that success.
For me... it's passion. I have a pattern of completing things I'm passionate about.

What are your thoughts?
I'm excited about our continuing conversation.

We're just three days away from our drawing for gift cards.

Healthy Lifestyle - Part 1
I've so enjoyed your initial thoughts on this subject and know all too well the frustration and angst that come along with the diligence and discipline necessary for a healthy lifestyle (physically).

For those of you who don't know my history on this subject; here are three main points.
* I began over-eating at age 10 when my dad "stepped out" of our family for the first time and wound up wearing a size 18/20 from about age 15 until my Senior year in High School when I became involved with drama and singing and lost a lot of weight.
* In college I became a prisoner of eating disorders before the words anorexia and bulimia were even known (that's how old I am).
* Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been a struggle for me ever since.

So... what is the answer we're ALL looking for?
Is it really just a matter of numbers; calories in and calories out?
Is a degree in nutrition necessary just to know what I should eat?
Is it necessary to spend hours at the gym every day?
If we're spending so much money on books, diet plans and gym memberships; then why are we as a country more obese than ever?
There are 100 other questions we could ask ourselves here, but I'd like to explore this from a different perspective...

For me... it's not a matter of knowing what to do; it has become a matter of doing what I know.
So for me the one question to answer becomes...
"Why don't I do what I already know?"

Let's begin here.
What is the one question you need to ask yourself on this subject?

Post your responses here and we'll continue our discussion.
Remember, this Friday May 23 I'll be drawing for the gift cards.


Good Morning friends,

I'm posting a few pictures from my first attempt at Wii Bowling and tennis.

Josh was awesome at boxing.
That's a good thing since he's a personal trainer!

Okay, I'll admit it. I stink, but I'm loving this game system. I can see why it's always sold out. I can hardly wait for Wii fitness to hit the stores next month.
Speaking of fitness, I have committed to a meeting with one of the trainer's at the "Fitness Together"studio next week. No, I will NOT be training with my son. Oooooooooooo, yuck!

I've had a wake-up call this week when one of our "fittest" and "healthiest" friends under went triple by-pass surgery this week. We are grateful that the Lord blessed Bob with a wonderful outcome and his healthy lifestyle contributed to an earlier than usual release from the hospital.

Hmmmmm... a healthy lifestyle can be a contributing factor in our recovery.
Hmmmmm... a healthy lifestyle can be a contributing factor in our release.
Hmmmmm... a healthy lifestyle is a contributing factor and is our responsibility.
Alas, I cannot ignore it any longer...
I am responsible for the lifestyle I lead and the consequences (positive or negative) it brings.
While I have tried to keep my spiritual body in shape I have for the most part been "wishing" my physical body into a shape other than what it is. Let me tell you that wishing is not a bad thing in itself but wishing alone will never lower cholesterol, make your hips smaller, your bum higher or your thighs any thinner. If it did, my cholesterol would be in the normal range I'd be in the best shape of my life.

I'd like to explore this more fully with you over the next few days and I'd love your input, especailly pertaining to any spiriaual applications.
We are just one week away from the drawing on May 23 for some gifts cards.
Keep posting!

Bye Bye Blackberry
Hey Sweet Blogging friends,

I've just returned from the Verizon Wireless store and I'm thrilled to tell you that I not only have a new phone with e-mail access but I can actually use it!! Yippee.
For those of you that are new to my blog let me bring you up to speed.

The counselors that I work for presented me with a gift card of appreciation so I used it to purchase "the Pretty Pink, Pearl Blackberry".
Wrong choice!!
I couldn't even figure out how to make a phone call on that silly, complicated, horribly confusing thing.
I asked every teenager who walked within 10 feet of me how to do something on that thing.
They couldn't even figure it out!

So this morning I put the Pretty, Pink,Pearl Blackberry back in it's box and returned it to the store.
I traded it in for a Voyager and guess what?

I was able to use it from the get go! Within 10 seconds I was up and running and making calls.
I could set up the options and even found a great ring tone.

After my meeting tonight I'm going to figure out how to get my e-mail
Yeah and Yippee!! There is some new technology I can use.
Whew! I was beginning to think I was too old for anything new.

Gotta run. My son came to our home for dinner tonight and is setting up the new Wii game system my sons gave me for Mother's Day. And Yes, I had requested that as my Christmas gift; but they were all sold out and that's why I'm so excited to have received it for Mother's Day.
I want to get in a game of tennis before my meeting.
I'll post some pictures soon!


Aren't you forgetting Something?

Good Morning Sweet blogger friends,

I know the end of school fast approaching and every one is frantically trying to help get those last few projects completed, teacher appreciation gifts purchased, and end of the years party platters made. It's enough to make a woman forget her own name.

We've ALL forgotten things; even important things...
I know one of the P31 speakers, Micca Cambell
forgot to pick up her child at kindergarten. I think she even wrote about that in a recent on-line devotional.

I know I've forgotten to pack lunches, purchase birthday gifts, mail get well cards, delivery a meal to a sick friend (thank goodness for Kentucky fried Chicken), return a phone call, and Lord only knows what else...

I think menopause and those hot flashes have burned out my memory cells; I forget what I've forgotten to do.

Anyway... I thought this cartoon was a humorous reminder to each of us not to forget to
apply the word to our lives on a daily basis.
Without it our spiritaul lives can become pretty dry and crispy.

What are some stories you can share about things you've forgotten.

I know we all have them; Do tell.

Remember, every entry until May 23 will be entered into the drawing for some really nice gift cards.

Morning Dove
I just received some Pictures from my event in Ohio last month where the Lord blessed our time together greatly.

Here is a picture of a morning dove sitting on her nest as she protects her treasured eggs.

She built her nest in the corner of a window ledge and kept constant vigil day and night. No amount of window tapping would distract her from her appointed duty. Even when someone opened the window and leaned out to snap this picture she continued to protect her eggs with her very life.

What a beautiful picture of

Psalm 17:8, "Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings." (NIV)


Psalm 91:4, "He will cover you with his feathers, and under the shadow of his wings you will find refuge." (NIV)

What is causing you to seek refuge and safety under the wings of our precious Jesus?

I would love to hear your experiences.

Here's the whole gang from Ohio! What a wonderful group of friends!!!

Don't forget to post your answers here on my blog.

Each post until May 23 is entered in my drawing for some really nice gift cards.

Cool mom or One Crazy Lady?
Some of you may think I've really lost it when I tell you that I squealed with delight as our sons presented me with the Wii game system for Mother's Day. That's right, I squealed!
I was hoping for the game system for Christmas (I sound like a little girl) but being the hottest thing last year; our sons were unable to secure one.
You may be asking yourself "Why would a 50 something woman want a Wii game system?"
The answer is simple and multifaceted:
1) It will give our sons one more reason to come home just to hang out with their "parental units".
2) It's an opportunity to invite the neighbors in for a time of fun and fellowship as we challenge each other to a game of bowling, tennis or whatever other games are on the system.
3) The "Wii Fitness" will be available in June and I'm always looking for a new way to get in shape without exercising beside 20 somethings in their thong leotards at the Y.
4) Having a fun electronic game system is on my list of 51 things I've always wanted to do.
I'll share more about my list of 51 things in an upcoming blog.
When our son was checking out with the system he said the cute, young cashier made a comment about him enjoying the Wii and Josh said "Oh, it's not for me, it's for my mom!" The cashier replied, "You're kidding, what a cool mom!" Josh answered "You're right, my mom's the coolest!"
So there you have it... I'll let you decide.
Am I a cool mom or one crazy lady?
Please share your Mother's Day experience with us.
I'm holding a drawing; so post your answers here on my blog.
Every time you post between now and May 23 you are entered in the drawing for several gift cards.

MAJOR Meltdown
After five weekends away and working throughout each week I was so looking forward to one of my favorite guilty pleasures; shopping at Target (Chez Target' to all my fashionably chic friends).

I rescued an abandoned cart from the parking lot (one of my 2 pet peeves) and entered the doors to my little piece of heaven. I perused the dollar spot; nothing there (I mean nothing)! I made my way to the clearance racks but they were badly picked over, so I rounded the corner to the shoe department. That's when I first heard the faint cries of a small child.

Now PLEASE understand me I LOVE children and I understand that whining and crying are a normal part of motherhood. Hey, my boys were no angels; and I'm sure they put on a drama for their momma in a few public places too.
Trying to escape the noise I pushed my cart throughout the store as I shopped for the items on my list but no matter what department I found myself in the crying and whining seemed to find me.

Now this was no ordinary I'm tired and hungry kind of noise this was an all out MAJOR meltdown.
This child was thrashing himself about in the cart; whaling and screaming "I hate you, I hate you!" all while throwing things out of the cart.
His mom seemed completely oblivious to this drama and calmly put the discarded items back in her cart and continued to shop for the things on her list. By this time everyone in the store was staring and shaking their heads; including the Starbucks coffee guy. I think this young man was so unnerved at this dramatic display he decided right then to never engage in pre-marital sex!

After 10 minutes (I'm not kidding) the mom was finally in the check -out line with her purchases and her wild child.
Somehow the poor cashier managed to get the items totalled and bagged despite the drama. I saw her moan a sigh of relief as the mom pushed her cart out the doors and they left the building.

Whew, talk about a bad shopping experience! I couldn't help but wonder what she was shopping for that was so necessary that she didn't remove her child from the store and why couldn't it wait until her child was well fed and rested or she could find someone to baby sit?

Who knows, maybe she's a single mom without anyone to help her or without anyone to sit for her child. Maybe this was her only day to shop for necessary things. I'm sure there hundreds of possibilities and I do feel bad for her and her son as well as the rest of us.

What dramatic tales to you have to tell? Please share.

Happy Mother's Day Friends!!!


I've started collecting cartoons from the funny paper and friends are sending me things almost weekly.

I just love this one and can relate to it so well, how about you?

Before my radical hysterectomy a few years ago I experienced the worst PMS symptoms of anyone on the block; okay the state; alright, the planet!!!

Poor Tom and the boys; I'm not quite sure how they survived to tell the tales.

At one point Tom suggested I make a set of flash cards with the numbers 1-10 on them.

The number one meant the PMS symptoms were low and you wouldn't get your head snapped off.

As the numbers increased so did the level of "danger".
If he saw the number 10 he knew he dare not approach the "Queen Bee" without first offering her some chocolate!!

As you may have guessed he suggested this bright idea when I was experincing a number "9" kind of day. I think his reply was somthing like...
"Boy, I'm thankful today isn't a number 10!".

If memory serves me correctly I enjoyed a large bag of peanut M&M's while soaking in a tub of bubbles while he made dinner and put the boys to bed.

If you find any cute cartoons (any subject), please email them to me and I'll post them for everyone to enjoy.

What's your most memoriable PMS story?

Happy Mother's Day (a few days early) friends,

Okay, I am rushing it a bit, but I received my Mother's Day gift a few days early.
It's a Blackberry pearl and I "think" I'm going to like it.

Here's my dilemma... I can't figure out how to use most of the features.
Okay really, I only know how to make and receive phone calls. Oh girl friends, I am felling really OLD!!!
I've downloaded the information from the manufacturer and the directions are as clear as mud.
My young work mate couldn't even figure it out.

I guess I'm going to have to swallow my pride and make an appointment with the "younglings" at the store for a hands on tutorial. Yikes, have I finally become my mother? Not that becoming one's mom is necessarily a bad thing!
I just thought that wouldn't take place for another 50 years or so. HA!

All of this begs the question.
What makes you feel old?
Please share. I'd hate to think I'm the only one feeling old today!

The Kindred Spirit
Hey friends,

We've just returned from our last full day at the beach and as I mentioned in yesterday's post I'll share the Kindred Spirit with you.

It's not what you might be thinking unless you've visited Bird Island at Sunset Beach....

The kindred Spirit is a mailbox. It was put there about 20 years ago and the town keeps it filled with journals and pens. People from just about every place imaginable have visited the Kindred Spirit and written their thoughts, opinions, and prayers.

I've visited the Kindred Spirit many times and always enjoy reading what others have written.

Four years ago we were at the beach with several couples. Our friends had never visited the Kindred Spirit, so I led the girls down the beach.

It's a 45 minute walk to the Kindred Spirit from the beach house so when we arrived we were happy to take a seat on a long piece of drift wood as we read through a number of the jounals. We laughed and giggled at many of the humours writing; we also cried and marveled at some of the sad and tragic things others shared.

There we were sitting on that long piece of drift wood when someone screamed, "Stand up, stand up everybody!" "My journal says that a group of nudists sat on this very piece of drift wood as they wrote their thoughts in this journal. " YIKES, OUCH and OWIE!!!!
Stand we did
I think we laughed the entire 45 minute walk back to the house. My sides hurt for a week!
If you ever get to vacation on Sunset Beach I hope you will visit the Kindred Spirit
I would suggest you not sit on the drift wood. Happy days sweet friends.
We're off to a delicious meal of fresh seafood.
Stay tuned... I have more beautiful beach pictures to share.
Wait till you see the pictures of the last pontoon bridge on the East Coast.

Restored at the Beach
Hi all,

Tom and I arrived at Sunset Beach Wednesday evening as he had some work in the area.

After four consecutive weekends on the road and working at Carolinas Counseling I was in need of some rest, refreshment and restoration.

Nothing restores my soul like the ocean. I can't explain it but the closer I get to the ocean the faster the stress and tension seem to dissipate.
I love walking on the beach and I especially love walking to the kindred spirit.
I'll let you know more about that tomorrow.
Nighty nite sweet friends,

Inspirational Character
I've been experiencing some technical blogging blocks and haven't been able to post in a while.
I've missed keeping up with all of you!!

Four weekends on the road and working at Carolinas Counseling Group, Whew I'm pooped!
Hey, I saw a news story yesterday that I thought was wonderful and wanted to share that with you.

One young woman from Oregon State was at bat and hit her very first home run. She dropped the bat and began running the bases. As she rounded first base her right knee gave way and she collapsed.
Knowing she could not continue and they could not help her because of a disqualification rule her teammates watched in anguish.

The opposing team from Washington State was very aware of this girls dilemma and the rules of the game and what they did next was extraordinary...

Several members from the opposing team made a human chair and carried the injured young woman around the bases and helped her score the run.

Oregon State won the game over Washington State by ONE RUN.
Talk about sacrifice?
I'd love to hear your experiences of sacrifice.
Please share how and what you've sacrificed or been privy to.

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