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Blogger Ana Stine said...

Zoe! I was so happy to see your beautiful picture on the cover of the P31 magazine!!! You might not remember me, but I took your speakers' workshop several years ago at She Speaks. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate your writing. Blessings from afar! (Arizona, to be exact.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blessings to you Zoe, I read the devotional about the roots. Just wanted to say that I am a mother of 3 children and they are 7,5,3 I am only 27 years old. I recently took in my sister in law who is 15yrs old so you get the picture. Anyways my kids and my husband can acturally tell when I dont read the bible or pray for the day. Just wanted to share that every day we have the responsibility to nourish ourselves with the word of God. Thank you for your devotional it made me realize how important it is to walk with the Lord.

Blogger Unknown said...


I just read your post, "Learning to Fear Not," on the Provberbs 31 website. Your post spoke to my heart because fear has dictated so much of my life. Thanks to you each day I will remember Timothy's words and try to not fear so much about events in my life and about finding readers for my first attempt at a blog.


Blogger KARUNIA said...

Thank you Zoe, your devotional today made me as a blessed woman of HIM even I know that I have His Grace everyday. Well, talking about God's love for us is to simple and easy if we are in a good and "blessed" condition. But... it need very huge energy and encouragement to come to that LOVE when we are in suffering or bad condition. Fighting with our emotional always make a failure the commitment of us to come to THE BIGGEST LOVE at the bad condition. Awareness of a sinful and stay to LEARN walking in His way always make me to reach that LOVE more and more.

Hmm... I'm Flora from Indonesia. Reading this encouragement web always gave me new vision as a woman and a wife (still on pray) and also as a mother (still on pray).

Love you all the writer here. I got many lesson from all of you.

In Christ,
Flora Simanjuntak

Blogger Jolene Philo said...


What a treat to read your article in P31 Magazine. Congratulations on your weight loss, improved health and renewed spirit.

You were an inspiration in 2005 as our She Speaks small group speakers' leader. Your story is further inspiration now.

Blogger Jolene Philo said...

Dear Zoe,

What an inspiration to see how God has renewed your body, strength and spirit through your obedience to his truth! You're leadership of our small group at She Speaks in 2005 was an inspiration, too. Catching up with you through the P31 Magazine article was a treat.

Blogger Kathy Duggan said...

I loved the devotion today: What's that Smell? It made me think of myself, like you said, "consider the lingering fragrance your life leaves behind". I thought that was REALLY, REALLY good. I like those one-liners that you can quote to others & think about over & over. My main reason for replying is this, it hit me as soon as you said your house still smells bad from the fire. The devil is constantly trying to take things away from us, like things we love, value, & treasure. In your case your family, home & all your your belongings, all in one night. Let that horrible smell remind you of God's grace, love & mercy for you & your family & the victory of that night! Welcome it, because that fragrance can't be bought at a store. Only a victory fragrance like that can come from God. And everytime you smell it, let it remind you of the night the devil was conqured in your life. Keep up the good work!!!

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