A Woman of Beauty
Find the joy in answering God's call to be a woman of beauty, as Zoe shares lessons learned from God’s perspective and principles.

We will discover God’s S.E.C.R.E.T. to inner beauty as we challenge the world’s definition of beauty.

There are three distinct areas covered in this retreat:
  • Spiritual Beauty
  • Emotional Beauty
  • Physical Beauty
Also available as a retreat
Also available in a package with Shari Braendel

Attitude and Accessories: Living an Authentic Life
The world places unreasonable demands on every woman. Discover the joy of becoming the woman God created every woman to be and is calling her to become.
Through scripture and a good dose of humor Zoe shares lessons from the Attitude of Gratitude and the Accessories of Grace and Humility.

Dare to be Dangerous
From Discipline to Serving God, Zoe teaches the nine character traits of a dangerous woman. Zoe offers practical and inspirational techniques for turning cowards into conquerors and worriers into warriors. If you’re ready to take your spiritual life to the next level, invite Zoe to unearth the adventurous life of a dangerous woman!

There are three distinct areas covered in this retreat:
  • The Head of a dangerous Woman
  • The Heart of a Dangerous Woman
  • The Hands of a Dangerous Woman
Also available as a retreat.

More Topics:

A Confident Woman in Chaotic Times
If your life is punctuated by chaos, then you will want to invite Zoe to your next event! Zoe will encourage you to see chaos as an opportunity for instruction, as God molds us into His image. C.H.A.O.S. is a banner for Zoe’s life, let her teach you how to make it yours.

Fruit for Life
We will explore exactly what the fruit of God’s Sprit is and how the Lord gives the fruit to equip, enable and empower us to be conformed to the image of Christ so we can serve in His Body and glorify His name. With a creative presentation and her “Survival Kit”, Zoe helps women understand the nine parts that make up the whole fruit.
(Also available as a retreat)

I Will Change Your Name
Hear Zoe’s personal testimony of changing her name as she invited Christ to change her life. Through humor and poignant stories, you will be challenged as Zoe shares the joy that is made complete with a surrendered life to Christ. From a life of wounded ness to a life of joy and confidence, this message of hope and inspiration is touching to all who hear it.

Living with Open Hands
Abraham knew the true meaning of obedience and sacrifice and the blessing that followed. Holding onto things too tightly can lead to cramped fingers and broken possessions. Learn how to hold onto people and possessions with open hands as Zoe teaches you the freedom in living with open hands.

The Beauty of Balance
More than ever the women of today are expected to juggle the demands of life while wearing many different hats. God has designed a method that instructs women on balancing their lives while finding joy in the discipline of obedience. If you’re looking for inspirational instruction on balancing life invite Zoe to your next event.
(Also available as a retreat)

Surviving the Holidays
Zoe offers the audience a fresh perspective on surviving the holiday season with practical and inspirational ideas. Invite Zoe to share her “Holiday Survival Kit” with you – and experience a holiday to remember!

What fragrance are You Wearing?
Whether it’s light and sweet or strong and overpowering, every woman has a life fragrance. In this presentation, Zoe will encourage you to discover your own unique life fragrance and the lingering effect it has on your family and friends. You will leave energized and equipped to fill your life and your home with the fragrance God has created you to wear.


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