"Hands Off Policy"
I recently spoke at a conference and the subject of "worry" was one topic we discussed. Here is part of an e-mail conversation I had with one of the attendees. I hope it will be a gentle reminder of the Lords "Hands Off Policy".

She wrote"I have been praying your prayer from Colossians constantly since Friday. And reminding myself "pray don't preach"". "I am so depressed over him! I know I have to let him work it out, but it is so hard".

My response "I know how tempting it can be to “worry over” that one child in every family. We are walking though things with our youngest the pilot as he is not pursuing the Lord at this time.

I really want to encourage you to release your grip from around your son (metaphorically speaking). I’ve found that the Lord will not begin to do HIS work in their hearts until we take our hands off & the more we say to our sons the more we alienate them from ourselves and the Lord.

PLEASE don’t allow the enemy to steel one more second of your life with worry and depression.
Honey, you are too blessed to be stressed or depressed!!

It sounds trite but it’s very true...”Let go & Let God”.

I’ll pray for your strength to keep your comments to yourself. The Lord wants to teach you & instruct you as HE does HIS work in the heart & life of your son."

What a powerful reminder to each of us, especially me as I implement the Lord's "Hands Off Policy" when it comes to our children.

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