Favorite Ornaments
I'll end my favorite ornaments with this one my lovelies,

Yes, that is an actual nativity scene in my tree. I found this one on sale one year and I nestle it inside my tree each year.
It's a wonderful conversation starter and the perfect reminder that our sweet Jesus was born in a manger, but grew to become a man who would voluntarily die on a tree for you and for me.
I'm wishing a Happy Christmas to all of my lovely friends.

Favorite Ornaments
A sparkly hello my lovelies,
This ornament is a simple chandelier crystal. I found a few of these in a box at my local GoodWill store a number of years ago and they add just the right touch of sparkle to my tree each year.

Favorite Ornaments
This ornament was a find at my local Habitat Restore store.
I'm not really sure what it is exactly or it's intended purpose, but my sweet friend Gwen Troxell (the one who made my FABULOUS Christmas Wreath) pointed them out to me and suggested I hang them on my tree like "icicles".

Favorite Ornaments
These Margaret Furlong ornaments are more than 20 years old and I still treasure each one. I began collecting these ceramic shell angels and purchased one each year.
These ornaments are no longer produced, so they hold an ever increasing place of sentiment on my heart.

Favorite Ornaments
Hopping Greetings my lovelies,
This bunny light cover is still so cute, even after more than 20 years.
I used to collect bunnies of all kinds and when I found a set of these bunny covers you can bet I hopped to it in order to bring them home.

Favorite Ornaments
Happy Day my lovelies,

This ornament is is honor or our beloved pet Max. Although Max is not with us literally, he is always with us in spirit. And yes, he didwear a bow in his hair.

Favorite Ornaments
Hello my lovelies,
This ornament has special meaning to me for several reasons. First of all, my friend Connie Pratt gave this to me one year as she and I used to meet for tea and would exchange one ornament with one another.
The other reason is the song title painted on this ornament. For more than 10 years I had the honor and privilege to sing this beloved Christmas carol each year with a symphony orchestra and more than 100 choir members. While I'm unable to sing songs of this magnitude, it remains one of my favorite songs of the season.

Favorite Ornaments
Hello lovelies,

Here's one of my very favorite antique ornaments from my parents. Best guess it's more than 55 years old. There is a partner ornament like this one but a different color.
These two ornaments are our sons favorite ornaments too. They always thought the liquid was poisonous and they loved to help hang them "very carefully" on our tree each year.

Favorite Ornaments
Welcome to Day Two of my Favorite Ornaments my lovelies,

This was the first ornament Tom and I purchased in 1979. Actually, I picked it out and purchased it. I'm sure your shocked to see that it's shiny and sparkly. HA HA!!!

Favorite Ornaments
Happy Tuesday my lovelies,

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite Christmas Ornaments.
This is one of several hand cross-stitched ornaments I did in 1979 for the first Christmas Tom and I celebrated as newlyweds.
Money was VERY tight and we could only afford a 3 foot Christmas tree.
We proudly put it on an end table in front of the picture window of our apartment and from the outside our little tree looked large and majestic.

Monday's Message
A Baby Changes Everything
A Baby Changes Everything

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Happy Weekend my lovelies,

This is what I'm watching this weekend as I put the finishing touches on our home for our neighborhood party tonight.

Happy Weekend
Happy Weekend my lovelies,

Here's one pictures from last night's ornament exchange.
There were about twenty ladies here and we all had a fabulous time!
My girlfriends are just the BEST!!
Check out Alicia, MaryBeth and Barb showing off the ornaments they took home.

Check this out!
LeAnn Rice is not only gorgeous, talented and brilliant, she is one of the most GENEROUS girlfriends I know.
She is ALWAYS thinking of others.
She just gave me these lovely "sparklys".
I'm going to wear them tonight when we take Joe out to celebrate his birthday.

Party Prep

Enjoy this lovely picture as I busy myself
with cleaning, dipping a few more cherries and putting the finishing touches on things
for tonight's Ornament Exchange/Food Drive

Easy Decorating
This is a very easy decoration, although I think I'll be using battery operated candles.

Here's an idea for an easy way to use those vintage ornaments you may have.

Happy Tuesday my lovelies,
Here are a few images from this years indoor rotating tree.
Check it out on my facebook page.
Here's the "Beach" Tree on my screened in porch.

Monday's Message

Are you making room for Jesus as the Christmas Season begins?

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Luke 1:14, "
He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth" (NIV)

Happy Lord's Day my lovelies,

If you're visiting my blog after stopping by
If you haven’t visited Karen’s blog yet, girlie you are missing out one FABULOUS Christmas giveaway!
Not only is Karen an amazing author, blogger, wife, mother, care giver; Karen is one of the smartest, sweetest girls I know and she has a servants heart like no other.

I'm not sure if or when Karen sleeps because she's busier than Christmas elves in December thinking up ways to bless others.
Karen's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is celebrating it's fourth year and I'm excited to be participating this year.
In honor of that I've put a tote bag full of lovely treats.

I hope you will experience the power of Jesus as your Joy and delight this Christmas season and I encourage you to discover one new way to serve others.

Weekend Surprise
Happy Weekend my lovelies,
I'm making my way to Reading, PA today preparing to speak for the lovely ladies
at First Presbyterian Church.

While I'm away, enjoy this lovely decorating inspiration,
Maybe I can decorate a room like this one day.

Stop by my blog and tell your friends to stop by this
Sunday, December 4
There will be an opportunity to win a FABULOUS give away!!!

Weekend blessings to you

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