Hello my lovelies,
Here are a few things inspiring me this week.
Sarah Richardson is my greatest decorating inspiration.

I think this is a real possibility for my antique Living Room chairs to bring them into this century.

Does anyone know where I can find a trundle day bed like this for a very tiny budget? I think it's what my office needs. Can I blame my lack of inspiration and motivation on not having this item for my office? Wishful thinking...

So bright and beautiful.

Wow! If I had tall ceilings, I would have loved to use this headboard. I painted my walls a color very similar to this and I'm planning to use a lot of white bedding.

I'm thinking I'd like to do this in our Master bedroom when our new headboard arrives, probably in a burnished silver instead of the white used here.

Love this Venetian Mirror. I have one similar to it in our bathroom.

This is our Venetian mirror. I took this picture prior to any "zhushing".
Thank you Horchow and your clearance sale 2 years ago.

And one last inspiration

Where are you finding inspiration these days?


Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe...if all these pics you keep posting were together in one book...absolutely gorgeous! How they all delight my heart.

My inspiration is God alone, and oh how He is blessing. Have you had opportunity to read what He did for me this past weekend? I have been so overwhelmed by His goodness showered on me. Yesterday, in tears I said, "Lord, You are too good to me."

Here's the link, just in case:

Love you my precious friend.

Blogger Beatrice said...

Zoe you have such great taste! Love love your inspiration and motivational ways of decorating this is one of my favorite hobbies how to decorate on a budget. I love your mirror looks great. Have a blessed day!!!!!

Blogger Di said...

I am jsut loking all your design inspiration. After recently purchasing my first home, I am so caught up with all things decorating.
Check IKEA for a day bed like that. Theirs may not be as ornate, but you could always stencil a beautiful pattern making it fit just right with the rest of your decore.

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