Monday's Message
Hello my lovelies,
Monday's message is to spend this week celebrating who God created you to be.
Stop comparing yourself to others and stop wishing you were created differently.
Be GRATEFUL for who you, right where you are, and celebrate!!
I'm a girlie girl who loves everything PINK!
So... I'll be celebrating that fact that I'm a PINKIE girl!!
Here's an idea of what I love and appreciate about PINK.


Blogger Joyful said...

I love it when you call us all your "lovelies". It just makes me smile!

Being a "pinkie" girl myself, my heart gets such delight in the pictures you share.

Thanks for the joy you bring. You are one of my lovelies too :-)


Blogger Beatrice said...

ZOE you are so lovely and with great taste. Thank you so much for your inspiration i needed to hear that so much.

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