KEEP Your Armor On

Okay, for those of you who said you were indeed ready to proceed into a year of change here we go!

In order for us to begin I want to start at the beginning.

Change can be intimidating and even frightening, but I don't want that to stand in our way of marching ahead. If we are willing to use the tools and weapons provided to us though the power of the Holy Spirit, then we will be able to make the necessary changes the Lord desires for our lives.

I've taken a few things from Matthew Henry's commentary on these verses and hope we can have a dialogue about them.

Spiritual strength and courage are needed for spiritual warfare.

Those who desire change must put on the whole armor of God.

The Christian armor is made to be worn; and there is no putting off our armour till we have done our warfare, and finished our course.

The combat is not against human enemies, nor against our own corrupt nature only; we have to deal with an enemy who has a thousand ways of enticing unstable souls.

We must resolve by God's grace, not to yield to Satan. Resist him, and he will flee.

If we give way, he will gain ground.

There is no armor for the back; nothing to defend those who turn their backs to their enemy.

Truth is the girdle. This girds on all the other pieces of our armor, and is mentioned first.

Faith in applying the word of God and the grace of Christ, quenches the darts of temptation. Salvation must be our helmet. It will purify the soul, and keep it from being defiled by Satan.

To the Christian armed for defense in battle, their is only one weapon of attack; but it is enough,

the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

It subdues and mortifies evil desires and blasphemous thoughts as they rise within; and answers unbelief and error as they assault from without.

Prayer must fasten all the other parts of our Christian armor. We must pray with all kinds of prayer: public, private, and secret; social and solitary; solemn and sudden: with all the parts of prayer; confession of sin, petition for mercy, and thanksgiving for favors received.

And we must do it by the grace of God the Holy Spirit, in dependence on, and according to, his teaching. We must pray, not for ourselves only, but for all saints.

Our enemies are mighty, and we are without strength, but our Redeemer is almighty, and in the power of his might we may overcome.

Here a few things really stand out to me in this commentary.

  • There is no armor for our back, so we should NEVER turn our back on our enemy.
  • We are to KEEP our armor on at all times.
  • Prayer is the fasteners for our armor; holding it all together.

What are your thoughts friends on this subject? Any questions or comments as we prepare for battle?


Blogger Diana D'Amico said...

I used to get up every day and read Ephesians 6:10 on and visualize getting dressed in the armor of God and whatever came against me that day I was prepared to handle. But as time went on, I missed a day here and there and I haven't done it in a long time. This commentary reminded me of that the enemy never rests and I never considered that the armor doesn't cover the back, not to turn our backs on him, to be diligent. Thank you for this teaching, it's a great foundation to stand on as we move into the new year.

Blogger Joyful said...

Like Diana, I too use to visualize myself putting on the full armor every morning. Need to get back to that. I actually went to the Dollar Store not long ago and purchased a small shield, helmet, breastplate etc...and sent it all to a friend who was going through a difficult trial to remind her to be prepared in battle.

For me right now, the helmet of salvation is probably the most crucial. I'm needing something to protect my thoughts and mind from fear and doubt.

Putting on my armor,

Blogger Lelia Chealey said...

I didn't know you were going to do this until I saw it on Facebook. God has such perfect timing.
I love how you pointed out we have no armour for our back. I honestly never thought of that and just read this yesterday in Ephesians. We just received some news that crushed this Momma's heart. At first I was sad and so confused, then I got mad. I am mad that my husband & I have allowed the enemy to come into our home and do with our children what he wants. Enough is enough. I will no longer turn my back on this relentless enemy of ours. THANK YOU for this post. Count me in your study.

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