The end is in Sight...
Friends, the end is in sight. I mean the end of our seven month restoration. Yes, sister friends the final details are almost completed. Grouting, painting and some lighting are the biggest things left to be done, but I've actually unpacked my kitchen and put things away in the new cabinets. What a relief to move the coffee maker back to the kitchen counter top and out of the foyer. Although he had perfected his technique, Tom is not going to miss making his shake in the powder room. Our indoor camping experience is about to come to an end.

The final result is going to be worth all the headaches (literally), frustration and all the rest, however, I really will be grateful when this life chapter is closed. As we are about the bring this train into the station I thought this would be a great time to get back to our 2011 topic of change.

While we have been experiencing updates and improvements in our physical dwelling, I know many of you have joined me in making some updates and improvements in our spiritual dwellings. I'd love to hear an update from you on your own physical and spiritual updates and improvements.
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Blogger Melanie said...

spiritual shape up: A commitment and a plan to memorize Scripture. I am memorizing/meditating on passages and it is one of the best things I have ever pursued.

Blogger Cynthia said...

Well the physical update just hasn't gotten into full swing but the spiritual one...WOW!

God is blowing my mind with where He is leading me. I have been going to places I never would have picked or even really desired. I have know idea what He has in store for me but I am following His direction and "doing the work".

Blogger Kristina said...

I have dedicated time to hiding God's word in my heart. He is speaking to me through His word in ways I never thought possible. I've committed to memorize 2 new passages of scripture a month and have been learning new verses and remembering verses that I learned as a child.

Last weekend I listened to a message that talked about a lady that placed note cards with scriptures on them on cupboard doors, mirrors, dashboards, etc... This is something that I am working on now too. It's a way to get God's word up so I can see it everywhere, not just in the bible.

Blogger Unknown said...

Spititual dwellings update: During the past year, I have heard God speak to me. It happened the night my Mother passed away and it was so clear as He said, "it is ok". I never knew how it would happen or when it would happen, it jus thappened! When it happens, you will know it. You will know, without a doubt, that it was not your imagination or some odd coincidence. You will be stunned at the depth of God’s love for you, and your life will never, ever be the same. It can’t be forced, it takes patience. To me this was s spiriual and physical improvement in my walk with out Lord.

Blogger Unknown said...

I am actively combating lies with truth. I've been attacked with lies about my self-worth all my life to the point that I'd join in the accusing. NO. MORE.

Blogger Unknown said...

Lol.... just had back surgery and looking forward to making improvements in my physical (body) dwelling to be able to get back in to healthy shape again after not having been able to barely even walk for 7 months. Praise God, because slowly but surely its coming back!

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