Are you standing on the edge of a decision?
Is the Lord asking you to step out into something new?
What can you share about your leap of faith?


Blogger Jenn said...

I know God has been calling me to step out and ask people to join a board of directors for a ministry I am supposed to start.. and whew the enemy has done everything to attack this.... so i appreciate your reminder. stand firm and step out! I am blessed by you!

Blogger Jennifer Dougan said...

Stepping out into something new is so scary! I am contemplating a huge change (that I can't talk about on here), but it is scary, isn't it? I have been so excited though by God's continual leading and nudgings and whisperings through it all. Throughout the week, he whispers to me encouragement in sermons, in my women's Bible study book, in my devotions... Wow, his tenderness amazes me. Yet, I still linger, pause on the brink, wanting to make sure that I am moving forward correctly. You can pray for me if you think about it. Thank you, Zoe.

Were you at She Speaks this last July? Your name is familiar to me. I so appreciate your's and the other P31 women's ministries to us women, and speakers and writers. Thanks, Zoe.

Your photos below of the pumpkins, autumn images and more are lovely. I was just in that mood too and made two pumpkin pies. :)

Jennifer Dougan

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