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Hello my lovelies,

I believe we were made to have a relationship with God and one important purpose of spending time with God is to deepen our relationship with Him. Spending time with God daily will help us to cultivate that relationship. I have found having a continual conversation with the Lord throughout the day is most helpful in deepening that relationship. How do you structure your devotional time to ensure a meaningful, edifying, and purposeful time?


Blogger Joyful said...

Good Morning my Lovely :-)

Well, first I get up early while the house is quiet so that there are no distractions. I am currently reading through the Bible with Wendy and the girls, and until recently I would just say a quick little prayer before opening my Bible. Lately I've been having more of a prayer time before I begin my reading, asking the Lord to search my heart. I spend time in confession so that there is nothing blocking my relationship with the Lord and I can hear Him speak to me. Sin separates us, so I don't want to miss His manifest presence.

I too talk to the Lord throughout the day in a continual conversation. Good job He can hear all of us at once! :-)


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