Monday's Message

Happy Monday my lovelies,

I've been in a cleaning, organizing and donating mood lately.
How wonderful to find "long lost" items hiding in the back of closets and dresser drawers, but what has been even more rewarding is to letting things go.
I mean how many pair of black slacks does a girl really need?

Are you holding on to something unnecessarily?
How is that decision affecting the way you live your life?

Maybe your closets and dresser drawers are neat, tidy and organized; perhaps
you're holding onto something from your past.
Maybe you're holding onto a grudge or maybe bitterness is cluttering your mind and your heart.
If you are, I want to encourage you to consider:

Close your eyes - Pray and ask the Lord to help you...
Clear your heart - To make room for the peace of Christ.
Let it go - To experience the wholeness you're longing for.

Please check out Lisa Whittle's newest book [W]hole
I recently completed a study of [W]hole with Lisa Whittle and a group of extraordinary women. Each of us discovered things hiding in our own spiritual closets and [Whole] offers the encouragement to deal with them.
As you ponder your decision, check out these inspirational dream closets.


Blogger Kelly Combs said...

I want to be on your "donate" list. You are such a snazzy dresser and I love the way you put things together. Wish I lived close enough that we could have a shopping day together!

I like you message today. The tie in from cleaning out your clothes closet to your spiritual closet is a good one!

Blogger Wanda said...

Beautiful! Thoughts and pictures!
I want to clean out some things (physically & spiritually)!
Thank you for such a great mind picture.

Blogger Zoe said...

Thanks for the encouraging words friends. I'd love to see an update from you on the cleaning out those spiritual closets.

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