Monday's Message
"I find it shelter to speak to you" - Emily Dickinson

Happy Monday lovelies,

I hope you have a friend who offers you shelter, I know I do.
My BFF is Lisa Barlow and we've been friends for 23 years. Lisa is a saint to say the least, but she's so much more than that. She has held my hand, wiped my tears, even been my partner in mischief.
She's everything I need in a BFF

Here are just a few of Lisa's BFF qualities:
She listens well and exudes grace.
She sees and speaks the truth in love (always).
She is self-less, giving and a true servant.
She is insightful as well as one of the smartest women I've ever known.
She is an encourager, cheerleader and mentor.

Here she is.
Mallory (our god-daughter), Rudy and the beautiful Lisa Barlow.

Tell me about your BFF.


Anonymous Wendy Foreman said...

Zoe, this is perfect timing!! My husband is a Pastor and I serve right along side of him as well as have a ministry with my BFF. Things have been crazy busy in my family's life as well as in ministry. My BFF is amazing. She has planned for us to have facials tomorrow. She does things like this for me all the time to show me how much she appreciates me and the work I do in the church. She is my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, my Jesus with skin on, my encourager, supporter, prayer partner, my grace giver, my ministry partner at She is a precious gift from God and I am so grateful for her.

Anonymous Rachel Piferi said...

I don't even know where to start with my BFF. She is truly a gift from God. Through a couple of really bad circumstances, God just knit our hearts together like David & Jonathan. And, from that moment of heart-knitting, she has been my confidante, my accountability partner, my mentor in some areas, and just the woman that I want to laugh with, cry with, and journey though life with. She is the wife of a Pastor and watching her serve the Lord alongside her husband has taught me so much about being a true servant of the Lord. I respect her. I value her. I believe in her. And, I am so very blessed by her. One thing that I think is so special about our friendship is that we are complete oposites in terms of personality, backgrounds, skills, etc. But, what is so cool about that is that we can mentor, guide, and grow each other in different areas. And one thing that we both do for each other is gently & lovingly push each other to be everything that God wants us to be. Neither one of us wants the other to miss God's best for her. God truly did something spectacular when he made us best friends. We also have a ministry together...there is nothing better than serving the Lord alongside your BFF! Check it out at Thanks for listening to me write about my BFF - she's truly a gift and I am blessed beyond words!

Blogger Hope and Faith said...

Oh my friend, here's a post that my heart can really respond to today. I've already shed so many tears this morning because a planned trip to visit my BFF this week had to be cancelled due to my health. My heart is aching to be with her and trust me, many tears have fallen.

"There is one friend in the life of each of us who seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one's self, the very meaning of one's soul." (Edith Wharton) "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." (Anäis Nin) "The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had." Few words could better describe the kindred spirit hearts my BFF and I share.

My best friend, Diane, knows me by heart. She speaks hope into my disappointments. She holds my hand and my tears. She knows how to make me laugh so that I can hardly breathe. The thought of her name makes me smile. She can do the craziest things and come up with the zaniest of ideas just to watch my reaction and lighten my spirit. She knows instantly when something is wrong and my American Cell will ring. She prays with me. She challenges me in my faith. She buys me chocolate :-) She gives me the last bite of her ice-cream. She made a room for me at her home so that I always have somewhere to go. She holds my pain. She always tells me I am accepted just the way I am. She has an international text plan just so we can stay connected. We can sit together for hours and never exchange a word, just enjoying one anothers company. We have an understanding that flows deeper and doesn't require audible conversation. Kindred spirits surpass the need for words. She freely offers me love, trust, loyalty, faithfulness and hope. Good times are warmed by her laughter. Difficult times are made less challenging by her support and prayer. She saw the unveiling of my bald head and didn't flinch or look away. I often find her in my "mailbox" with a word of encouragement or a surprise package that says, "I care". Together we often sit on our Father's lap and bow our head's in prayer, thanking Him for the gift of friendship.

Our friendship was created and is contained by the Lord. "A cord of three strands is not easily broken." Ecc.4:12

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to love on my BFF this way today. I love her tons and thank the Lord for blessing my life with such a treasure.

Blogger Zoe said...

Oh friends,
I'm so touched by your responses. Wendy and Rachel, I loved spending time on your site and your separate blogs today.
Joy and Diane, I can't think of better BFF's for each of you. The Lord really does hand pick the best for His Jesus girls. Thanks for sharing friends. I hope you'll continue to share your stories with us.

Anonymous Rachel Piferi said...

Joy - that was absolutely beautifully written and I share your sentiments when it comes to my BFF. Thank you for sharing!

Blogger Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Zoe,

Narrowing down my friends to choose just one bff would be hard. I feel honored to have several friends who are dear to me, and treasures. I love that they are safe, real, love me unconditionally and yet aren't afraid to ask blunt questions and challenge me when needed. They point me towards God's truth, and encourage me to chase hard after him too. Plus we can laugh, play and cry together. Aren't friends a gift?

Jennifer Dougan

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