Final Countdown...
Hey friends,

We are less than 2 days away from the Team Training Portion of She Speaks and hopefully less than 4 days away from the great bathroom remodel completion (Tom is especially looking forward to showering in our bathroom and retiring his place in the hall tub).

As I work these last two days, pack and prepare for the most exciting, exhilarating and exhausting five days I can't help but think of all my sweet friends who I will miss seeing at this years conference.

Please know that you are not forgotten, I will have your sweet spirits wrapped in pretty pink paper and tucked away in my bag. I will think of you each time I reach into my bag and see that pretty pink paper and remember to pray for you and the things God has in store for you.

I hope you will continue to be diligent in the things the Lord is revealing to you and that you will share those marvelous and wondrous things with all of us.

In the meantime, enjoy these summer days, and let's plan to chat over a nice glass of cool lemonade when I return.


Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe...I think this is one of the sweetest posts I've ever read. You made me cry...but in a good way. :) You have no idea how reading the words, "Please know that you are not forgotten" have touched a deep need in my heart. I love to picture that pretty pink paper tenderly holding my spirit and know that someone is praying for me.

Thank you. Thank you.

Was on my knees for you this morning. Someday, we will share that glass of cool lemonade together.


Blogger Chef Diane said...


I wanted to know, do you need a picture checklist for packing? I figured since the house was still a mess and the happy gas "thing" you might need a personal assistant or something.
I mean I am a bit busy but, well I can make some flash cards or something.

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