Will Return Shortly
Hey there Friends,
So sorry to be missing in action these days, the great remodel continues and my access to the Internet at home has been disconnected.
Tom and I are traveling every week this month on business so I will only be posting sporadically.

Happy summer days!!


Blogger Oh Dear said...

Just had to let you know that I had a big ole yard sale and freed myself of all kinds of clutter! A daycare owner is coming to look through the remaining toys and children's books. I am taking left over linens to the animal shelter and found a charity to accept stuffed animals. Inviting homeschoolers to look through the books and then donating the remainder to our public library. Anything else, including bikes are going to local charities---AAAHHHH! It is gone and I will have a tax deduction and a little change in my pocket!

Hitting hubby's closet for a clothes give away in August!

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Precious Zoe, :-)

I am so glad you posted, but the M-I-A did have me concerned. You had all these wonderful pics from vacation. After you returned nothing was heard from you. Needless to say there was cause for concern. Honestly I was thinking that there could have been another accessory mishap or worse they got another pair of shoes!!!!!!

I am glad it is just a case of simple internet disruption. (tee hee) We will miss hearing from you. Be safe and check twice before you leave to be sure you are not mismatched. See you at She Speaks!

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