Progress Anyone?
Hey friends,

Just wanted to check in with you to check on the progress of all those "improvements" you committed to at the beginning of this New Year.

I'm happy to start things off.
After consuming a small amount of bread (2 rolls) I paid the price and suffered the uncomfortable consequences of reflux and a tummy ache.
SO......... I'm completely off gluten and wheat. NO cheating, IT'S JUST NOT WORTH IT!!!!!

I've added in cardio 2 days a week in addition to working out 3 days a week.

Now, what about you? How are you doing? What progress are you making?


Blogger Joyful said...

Well now. You've made me stop and think. As the only thing I said in my comments 5 days ago was that I wanted to be closer to the Lord by the end of this year, what I have intentionally done to pursue my relationship with Him?

I have had a quiet time every morning. I have written my response and my prayers in my journal. Those two things are wonderful, but there has to be more. There must be application of His Word.

I have met Him several times over the past few days as He's called me to let my words be few! I've also answered 'yes' to something that is beyond me, but not too hard for Him, so that I can know His power in my weakness.

I want to trust Him Zoe. I read this two days ago, "I want to make your life a glorious adventure, but you msut seek to know Me in greater depth and breadth instead of striving for a safe lifestyle." I'm all about "safe". I'm being called to be "dangerous" :) Oh I wish I could hear that message again. Must go look up my notes.

I gave up bread mid October of last year and I can't believe the difference it has made in my health. I purchased a Fitness membership on Monday and have gone faithfully every day this week.

Love ya my friend,

Blogger Sarah said...

You girls are an insiration. I have been reading God's word everyday. I did struggle when the kids were home for the weekend but I know all things are possible through Christ. I even worked out one day this week. Sounds pitiful as I write it but honestly I haven't exercised in months.

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