Divine Delays
Hey there and welcome if you're joining us from the Proverbs 31 on-line Devotion.

As I mentioned in today's devotion, punctuality is very important to me. I think it shows respect toward the ones you are meeting as well as their time. That being said, this situation was a clear wake-up call to my need for punctuality. It should never take precedence over listening to and obeying that small quiet voice that prompts us to put our agenda aside for something better.

Look at the Application and Reflection Steps listed below and share your stories with us.
I look forward to learning from you today.

Application Steps:
Examine your relationship with the Lord; are you allowing the business of this season to crowd out His small quiet voice?

Are you listening to and obeying the Lord's promptings in your life?
Are you refusing to listen and obey because it might inconvenience you?


Blogger Deborah said...

Good Morning Zoe,

I give up my sleep for my early morning quiet times with the Lord if I have to. I will not allow myself to skip it. It means so much to me to start off my day with our Most High God. I am a very busy mom who works outside the home and get behind on having to have the house spotless because I put the Lord first each morning. I look forward to His small quiet voice!

Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I truley was blessed and encouraged.

Blogger JottinMama said...

Hi Zoe!

I so enjoyed your devotional this morning...that I wanted to pop in and say "thank you"!

And I love the reflection questions. I'll be pondering them today :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

-Kate :)

Anonymous Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing this. I truly pray that I can shut my mind long enough to hear God's voice. I'm never sure if it's from God or my own motives. I'll try to do better!

Blogger Molly said...


I had just finished reading your devotion and clicked over to your blog when a fellow church member came into the office unexpectedly and asked to talk. Normally I get quite frustrated when my 'to-do' list gets interupted but not this time. I believe God sent that message at just the right time so that I would have an open heart and loving spirit to minister to my friend.

It's not always easy for me to graciously and readily respond to what appear to be interuptions to my schedule. It is a daily surrender to God to allow Him to help me see them as God stops and not interuptions. I can't say I get it right all of the time. In fact, I think I fail more than succeed. Thank God He continues to work on and in me!

Hugs and blessings,

Blogger Kim Davis said...

Thank you so much for your words today! It was such a blessing to me. It gave me chill bumps! For so long, I quenched the Holy Spirit, but now am committed to follow His urgings. I have received such blessings when I do!

Blogger Lynette said...

Words can't say THANK YOU enough. You spoke to me twofold...I know that I MUST NOT sacrifice my time with Him and listen to His promptings, but I also spent a sleepless night just last night over my marriage that I also don't know if it can be saved. As I came to my computer this morning and read your words...I cried...please pray for myself and my husband Chris.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe. I love the music in your devotional. As Deborah mention I give up my sleep if I need to speak to the Lord. Thank you sharing The Divine Delays today. I will meditated during the day about the reflection question that your post today.


Anonymous Jennifer Renee said...

Your devotion is right on time. It has me crying. The other day God led me to start praying for a specific group of people and told me to send each of them an email letting them know of this gift. It took many hours to do this and a few times I wanted to stop but it feels good to follow through on what God tells you to do. I have already seen the rewards of my labor in the way of just being told thank you. Being shown that appreciation is wonderful but God gets all the glory.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, please tell us what is happening in the young woman's marriage. I'm struggling there too and hanging on for dear life. I could use some good news of God's restoration!

Blogger Nan said...

Reading your blog while walking this morning - thank you for the reminder that it's not all about me. This season is esp. difficult with long to-do lists, but should be easier because the entire season is truly "not about me" but about Him. Will try to be more aware of opportunities God is giving me to be Jesus to others.

Blogger Mark said...

I think that sometimes I get the cart before the horse, and let the day get ahead of me. I work in the fragrance industry and Christmas is the busiest time of the year, among working another job. (Not to make excuses for myself) but it seems this was the shot in the arm that I needed today.

Blogger Joyful said...

*ouch, ouch ouch*

Loved the story you shared in the devo. I think I'm often too busy to even hear God directing me. I have my day planned out and I miss His divine interuptions.

Just tonight I was on the phone with a friend and sharing with her how stressed out I am right now. Christmas cards aren't finished. Christmas devotional isn't printed. Haven't started to wrap gifts. Haven't finished shopping. We're having Christmas dinner here on the 18th, and that's basically just a week away. I'm truly feeling overwhelmed.

I also have walked the refuse to listen path because of fear of inconvenience. Your post is stepping all over my toes...but in a good way I suppose. Conviction isn't a bad thing. Hopefully it will lead to change.

Love ya friend,

Anonymous imoomie said...

Thank you for sharing your experience and reminding us to walk with Him, on His schedule!
It's a great way to start the day.

Blogger Can do mom said...

Beautiful! This is the first time I've been on your blog and I loved your post. Thanks for your encouragement, it blessed me!
Can do mom

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