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Hey there Sweetest friends,

Happy Monday!!

First of all, thank you for all of your precious words of encouragement regarding a hurting friend. I took your words to heart as I met with my friend last week. She is a woman of incredible and deep faith and I'm grateful to be her friend. Although she is walking through deep and dark waters she has fully placed her trust in the One who is providing for her every need.

I don't know how your weekend was, but I had a great weekend speaking to ladies at Plantation Estates for the benefit of the Matthews HELP (Helping Eliminate Local Poverty) Center. The Matthews HELP center is a local non-profit that helps feed, clothe and pay the bills of the local residents who are in crisis and they do this without ANY local, state or federal funding. They rely on donations and they run the cutiest thrift store called "Backporch Treasures".

What a wonderful time! These ladies bought tables and then decorated them like you can't believe. I can't remember being in a room full of such talent and creativity. From antique vases filled with roses to black branches dripping with crystals these ladies put their talents to work and filled that room with beauty.

What a great idea to host an event for the good of someone else. Which brings me to our next topic for discussion. How are others ministering to you and how are you ministering to others?
I know you don't want to toot your own horn, but I do want you to share how the Lord is using you and your gifts to benefit others. Please know I'm asking you to share because it is an opportunity to encourage the faithful.

I can't wait to hear


Blogger Sarah said...

In this hard economic time we are having a Swap Shop at church for a free activity to jazz up each others home and personal style. You bring up to 5 items personal or household accesories to trade with others.
Next month we have a fundraiser for our kids church because they are sponsering a child from Compassion.

Blogger Joyful said...

It's easier to share the "how are others ministering to you" part. :)

I have a friend in my life right now who is pouring so much into my life I hardly know where to begin. She is ministering to me by listening...accepting...never judging...encouraging. She ministers to me through her authenticity and through her pain. She lets me see that she isn't perfect and that has encouraged me to open up and share parts of my life that I have hidden for so long and been afraid to share. She ministers through giving me her time and sharing her heart. She prays with me and for me. I just pray that in some small way I am ministering to her.

I read this quote recently: "We all let people into our lives, but you will find that really good friends let you into your own." That's what my friend Diane is doing for me...letting me into my own.

So glad you had such a great weekend Zoe.
Love ya,

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