Joyful Humility
Hey Friends,

If you're feeling discouraged today, check out this link to a Devotional I wrote in 2008 for the Proverbs 31 online devotional.

After you read this hop over to my friend Rachel Olsen's blog for a great carnival

I'd love to hear your thoughts. :-)



Blogger Julie Coleman said...

I enjoyed reading this devotional once again. My online friend, Leigh McLeroy, once said something like, "In a novel, the conflict IS the story. Once it is over, the story is over. In life, the same is true for us."

The struggle keeps us in the right relationship with God.When things seem to be going well, we too quickly go off in our own perceived self-sufficiency. Not a healthy place to land. The struggle reminds us of reality.We are needy. He is sufficient. Broken, we go to Him.

I appreciate your upbeat, positive spirit, Zoe. You are an encouragement to all of us!!

Blogger Shelly said...

Writing is something that I have been doing for a long time, and I've managed to keep it to myself in my journal... until recently.

Speaking is something that I very recetly felt called to do as I wrote and led the fall womens' retreat for my church in '09. This was the 1st time I had ever done anything like that and it was WAY out of my comfort zone!

Since then, I have been feeling the call to vocational ministry, and I believe that She Speaks is my next step!

Will you consider me for the scholarship?

My husband is without full-time work (since December '08), and I know we can't afford it on our own.

Blogger Stephanie Shott said...

Hi Zoe,

I stopped in because I'm part of the throng of women hoping for a scholarship to "She Speaks" and I'm truly inspired by Cec Murphey's generosity! Almost every time I see the opportunity for scholarships to "She Speaks" and to other conferences, they come attached with Cec's name as the benefactor. So thank you, Cec and thank you Proverbs 31 women for offering yet another opportunity for a chance to go to this wonderful conference.

As a speaker of over 20 years and a newbie to the world of writing and publishing, I find that the simplest way to express why I want to attend "She Speaks" is because I feel as though I'm supposed to be there and I know that unless the Lord provides financially for me to go, it's just not in our financial cards this year.

Not only do I sense that I'm supposed to be there, but also that I "need" to be there, as well. I can't explain it. But I'm truly looking forward to how the Lord will use my time at "She Speaks" to change me, to develop me, and to give me the opportunity to do one of my favorite things...spend time with like-minded women who long to make a difference for the glory of God.

Thanks again for this opportunity!

Eternally His,
Stephanie Shott
Phil 3:7-14

Blogger KELLY WILLIE said...

I have been feeling frustrated lately until I began to write about why I wanted to attend "She Speaks". My story began........
When I first got the desire to speak publically, I read the book “The Reason We Speak” by Marybeth Walen. I have read it cover to cover and it is an excellent book! The entire time I was reading it I knew God was preparing me for a much larger journey in my life. Larger than anything I had done. God spoke to me to become a speaker and minister to women to serve the needs of the brokenhearted and to help others find the intimate relationship with God that I have found. Since that time I have a God-Given purpose in my life and a clear goal at which to aim.

I have never attended “She Speaks” nor have I ever had the funds to attend. My husband has been without a steady income since last May, so this will not be the year with a scholarship.

If I win, it would be life-changing and I know the knowledge I would gain would give me the wisdom and the faithful instruction to pursue this heart felt endeavor I so desire. If I don’t I’ll keep on blogging at “My Faithful Living” and will continue to minister the word of God. I want to be a spiritual leader but I am also a spiritual learner. He is in charge! I can only be a tool to accomplish His purpose for us here on earth.

Blogger Wander said...

Wow...thank you Zoe for sharing!
I'm on the She Speaks WANNA WIN a scholarship tour!
I've been dreaming for years of joining the Proverbs 31 gals at SS. My friends and family have encouraged me to step out and take the leap of speaking ministry.
My fears have often kept me hostage. I feel passionate about women and ministry!
I've taught for years...and have spoken at several women's retreats. I love it.
I've tried to not love it....but I can't think of much else!
This conference would really mean the world to me.
If God wants me there.....I will be seeing ya!

OpenID herbrokenwing said...

I too am going through tremendous forgiveness and recovering as well from a terrible addiction... It was funny because I wrote on a very similar subject that Proverbs blog wrote on...

this is great.. thank you

Anonymous said...

Being chosenfor the Cecil Murphy She Speaks scholarship would be an honor. I am a 44 yo woman, married for 22 yrs, mother of 4, major bread winner, employed full time outside the home & own a small business as well. People look at me and see a completed woman living a blessed life. They seek out my advice and compliment me on "doing such a great job". What they don't know about are the events in my first 22yrs that occurred that have made my into the woman I am today. Some things I was so shameful of that I didn't even share with my husband until we had been married for 10 yrs. The people that know even part of my testimony are shocked that me, Little Miss Homemaker with the great husband, beautiful children and such talent in so many areas could actually be the same women I have just finished telling them about. Some have asked me to share my story with their church or small group but I know the Lord wants me to share it with large multitudes of women. He has set aside the precise place & moment. Being chosen the receive the Cecil Murphy She Speaks scholarship would allow for me to receive the instruction do just that. Thank you ~ Kelly Cooke Psalm 40:2 & Psalm 37:23

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