Why do you Procrastinate?

As we move on in our pursuit to change, I'd like address a subject many of us deal with:
I will be very transparent here and admit that I struggle with procrastination. Yes, I am a procrastinator.
I don't know what first triggered this in my life, or why I find it difficult to overcome, but I continue to persevere in overcoming this.

Procrastination is defined as, "to defer action, delay, to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost".
I believe procrastination robs us of possible accomplishments, opportunities and joy.
Procrastination offers us nothing but frustration, discouragement and defeat.
So, why do we continue to procrastinate?

Here a few "excuses" I've used in the past.
  • I work better when I'm under a deadline.
  • I'm more creative when I'm under pressure.
  • Why finish my assignment now, when I can finish it later?
Now that I've listed my excuses, I'll share a few things I'm learning from a study on this subject:

When God calls us to a particular task, we need to respond by obeying with excellence.

We need to Obey without delay. After all, delayed obedience is nothing more than disobedience.

In Genesis 22, Abraham and Isaac went to the top of Mount Moriah. God gave Abraham two things to take to the mountain: a son and a knife. Abraham was willing to use the knife on his only son to please God.

God gave David two things: He put a small sling and a small bag holding five smooth stones. It wasn't very much against the giant Goliath, but it was all David needed because God was on his side.

Whatever God placed into David's hand, David used mightily(1 Sam. 17:40-50).

God placed only one thing in Moses' hand: a rod. When God asked Moses what was in his hand, he said, "It's just a rod." But when Moses obeyed God and threw it down according to God's instructions, it became a serpent and the symbol of God's authority in Moses' life (Ex. 4).

God always asks us to respond in obedience when he gives us a job to do.

So ask yourself this: "What has God put in my hand toady, and what is He asking me to do with it?

Friend, no matter what you have in your hand today--a new baby, a computer, a mop, a Bible -God is asking you to use it for your good and His glory. Now!

Are you willing to share your struggle with procrastination?

Are you willing to share your strategies for overcoming procrastination?

We'll explore this further in the next post.


OpenID tcsoko said...

Reading your blog while procrastinating - ouch now I'm convicted! Not sure why I keep putting things off as usually when you get down to them they are not as bad as you thought! Thanks for the prod.

Blogger Lelia Chealey said...

to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost".WOW!
I also never thought of procrastination as being disobedience. I want to give the Lord excellence.
I am a huge procrastinator and have used some of the same excuses you listed. I don't want this in my life and yet looking at it as disobedience to the Lord just puts it in a whole new perspective.
Thank you Zoe!

Blogger Tammy said...

I am not one who usually procrastinates my brain is not wired that way. But I find when I have to do something I don't want to which could lead to procrastination, I make a list of how to accomplish it. Helps me stay on task.

Blogger Kim said...

Procrastination is a BIG hurdle for me. Love your posts and can't wait fir the continuation

Blogger Chef Diane said...

I don't set out to procrastinate. Honestly I like to think of myself of a very organized person. But what happens is when the "time" comes I find myself overwhelmed with this and that. I don't know why it keeps happening. Because I start with the good and honest intention of getting a jump on things and staying on top of it. Does anyone else struggle with this type of procrastination?
Thanks Zoe,

Anonymous Lisa V. said...

Heck no, I have no recommendations on how to improve it. I'm an awful procrastinator. Really awful. My only progress at the age of 37 is that I've started to identify the reasons. One book that I could REALLY relate to is "Procrastination: Why You Do It, and What to Do About It Now" which I read last year. Ok so I've gotten a little better. I try to realize how little time some things that I feel might take so much time really takes. Or similarly I'll be ok if I say "just spend 10 minutes doing this" and I'll surprise myself with how much I'll get done. But I have a LONG way to go. I recommend the book, but I've yet to implement everything they suggest.

Anonymous melanie said...

I struggle with this "spirit" of procrastination. I allow its results to steal my joy time after time and often feel helpless against it.

Psalm 37:23 tells us "The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way." If we give the Lord His proper place, and mett with Him in the first part of our days, He will honor our faithfulness by prioritizing for us and then He will multiply our time sufficient to completing what matters most.

My prayer is that He will strengthen my faithfulness, which will in turn strengthen my faith! I crave a life that is peaceful walk, not a last-minute scramble.

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