Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Hello my lovelies,
Are you struggling to recognize and appreciate the REAL you?
Are you pre-occupied with your physical appearance?
What truths have you learned about balancing how you look and how you see?

Just to inspire you, here are a few beautiful images to enjoy.


Blogger Joyful said...

LOVE the pic of the sun's (or should I say the Son's) heart reflection on the beach.

I have to say, regarding physical appearance, losing my hair to chemo the Lord taught me some lessons about the value and worth I had placed on how I looked. He taught me lessons about beauty I would not have learned any other way. I don't know if you ever had opportunity read this post I wrote, but God's conversation to me is included there:

It's not really about how I look, but how He sees me. :-)
Love you my friend,

Blogger Beatrice said...

I know sometimes i remind myself it's about HIM and how HE sees me. Nice pictures of the beach and the beautiful sun. Have a wonderful day.

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