Me thinks there is a spiritual lesson here.
Everything on our homes will eventually need to be repaired or replaced.
What is the Lord repairing or replacing in your heart home?


Blogger Stacey said...

Zoe, We have had one thing after another break in the last 17 months. That's how long its been since my husband his job. What I have seen is God's hand time, and time again. We are not a family that has savings; or ANYTHING to fall back on; But God. When I turned 40 last year, God said, "Glorify Me." He has given us time after time after time to "glorify Him," because of HIM providing. There has been nothing, and He made it something; and we are lucky enough to have a front row seat! He has brought Acts 3:6 alive in my personal life :) I can't wait to see what God does through a broken heat pump!

Blogger Gisella said...

It's okay to realize that not every situation has a spiritual component.

This just looks like a broken HVAC system...nothing more!


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