Happy Monday my lovelies,

Here are the before and after pictures of
my latest finds
Happy early Valentines Day presents

Leopard chairs in the den with
a wobbly round table in between them.
We inherited this table a few years ago.
It's great, but needs a bit of TLC.

Here's the same scene with one of
my weekend purchases.
It's an old piece painted black with gold highlights.
This chest is perfect to offer a bit of storage.

Here is the set of nesting table
my mom graciously gave me a few years ago.
I think they are at least 25 years old.
I have them to one side of the white love seat
in my living room.
This room is such a work in progress, as there
really isn't much in this room.

This is the new set of nesting tables
I found this weekend.
Can you believe they are an identical set?
Who knew?

You can see both sets of tables.
Now I just need to figure out what else
I can do to complete this badly neglected room.
Happy early Valentine's Day to me!!


Blogger Lisa Fliehman said...

Love your new black and gold table between the to die for chairs. Those are really awesome.
As for the neglected room, if you don't have a room with book shelves this looks like the perfect personal library! One of my dream rooms!!

Blogger Beatrice said...

Oh i love those beautiful chairs. Everything looks fabulous. Fantastic find on the tables! My mom had the exact same nice tables. Love your taste as always.

Blogger Rachel Olsen said...

I agree with the bookself library suggestion, but then I am a giant word geek. :)

Needs a great rug I think.

I'll come visit and help you work on it!

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