Okay my lovelies,
Here is one of the FABULOUS finds
from The Fancy Flea.
I can't wait to show you these with the matching set I already have.


Blogger Jennifer Dougan said...

You inspired me to seek out Dan Gibson and nature sounds on Pandora and I have been addicted the last two days. :)

Have a great weekend, Zoe.

Hey, you should tell us on your blog what you have been reading and learning lately, or what God has been whispering to you. I love hearing that in other women. It's like getting to peak into their quiet times with God. Just an idea though. :)

Jennifer Dougan

Blogger Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Zoe,

Yes, Ann's book has impacted me too! I appreciate how Paul mentioned twice that he was learning the secret of contentment. I am practicing, cultivating, learning it as well.

I enjoy that you call us your "lovelies" on your site. :) It will be neat to keep reading what God puts on your heart.

Jennifer Dougan

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