Now that It's Over...
She Speaks 2009 is over, the last of the 600 attendees packed her car and drove away after the last hug and final good-byes. The last visible signs of our presence at the hotel were removed by late afternoon and today our incredibly dedicated (and tired) staff will be "taking care of business" as they unload the truck, restock the shelves, and return everything back to it's place.

I'm always so grateful for my time at this conference and the wonderful things God does there in my heart and in the hearts of each woman who attends. Each of us had the privilege to meet Jesus in a special way this weekend, to receive new insights, refreshment and restoration.
So... now that it's over...
What action steps are you going to take to ensure that the new insights, refreshment and restoration you received don't get gobbled up in the trap of "life as usual"?

What are you willing to change about your "life as usual" in order to step up to the calling and confirmation you received this weekend?

Please share your ideas with us here.
We all experienced the Glory of the Lord as his presence blanketed that hotel and I'm confident not one of us wants to return to "life as usual" now that it's over.


Blogger Tea With Tiffany said...

I hope and pray for a huge harvest of fruit from this weekend. I wasn't able to join, but I prayed for the gals who were there.

God bless you!

Blogger Joyful said...

Isn't it great that you don't have to return to "life as usual" now that it's over. From this point on, life can be different because of the experiences of the past weekend. Yes, routine will return, but maybe with added enthusiasm and purpose because of a deeper understanding of who we are in Christ and His great love for us.

So, how'd that little "pretty pink paper package" hold out? :) Thanks for your prayers.

Love ya,

Blogger LauraLee Shaw said...

Zoe, it was such a blessing to meet you and get to know your heart. You were one of the praises I listed on my blog post about She Speaks. YOur encouragement reeeeeally blessed me.

It's still too soon to know all the ways the conference impacted me, but I got a whole lotta catchin' up to do around my house, so that's where I'll start.

I also didn't get to mention it to you, but one of the publishers did ask for my proposal, so I'll be busy polishing it up! I'll remember your advice. ;)

In Christ,

I didn't get a chance to meet you at SheSpeaks, but I passed you in the hallways about a billion times. (All you P31 gals were running like chickens with your heads cut off!) But I thought I would like to chime in on your action steps, because faith without works is like a dishwasher running with soap but no water.
My action steps consist of:
1. Blogging everyday, even if it isn't poetic or well put together. We all have days when our brain is moosh, and I think other women appreciate the honesty that they aren't the only ones who get fried like an egg on a Phoenix sidewalk.
2. Work on 20- yep, count 'em- 20 new messages. I have no idea how long that will take, but that's the number I am striving for. Heaven help my family that will be seeking clean laundry as I tackle that.
3. Start my new book, and have 10 chapters done in 3 months. Crazy? You betcha! But really, when God puts a dream in your heart and gives you a big mouth to pursue that dream, who are we to question it?
4. Encourage as many of the P31 team as I can. Like it or not, you girls are all in for some emails, prayers, and comments. Each of you provided such a mighty work of God this weekend, even if it didn't directly affect me. So I need to share some joy in thanksgiving for the outpouring of blessing 600 of my sisters experienced. Prepare yourself, sweet Zoe. I am a fierce warrior when it comes to storming the gates of heaven. And I will be storming for YOU.
5. Last one! Keep it real. My outlook on life is like no other's, and I need to embrace that. Nothing would make the enemy happier if I started to fit into a mold that the world wants to see of what a "ministry" should look like. It has taken me almost 32 years to embrace what God has created me to be, and I am going to run with it. Weird is better than normal, jah?
So those are my personal steps, since you asked! My brain is still spinning, but my heart is soaring and my fingers are flying. (Other parts are sagging, but you can't fight gravity, right?) Amazing blessing comes in unexpected places, and I can't wait to see the unexpected come to fullness!

Blogger Lisa said...

Finally got around to checking out some new blogs. So glad to meet you at SHE SPEAKS!! It truly was a life changing experience for me!! And yes, here I am actually posting a comment. Satan has tried to side track me with a back injury this week which has put me out of commission, but I am fighting and trusting in my Lord the healer!! Thanks again for your encouraging words and love.

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