He's Baaaaaaaaaaack!
Sorry I've been away lately, life is full these days.
I had to remove my last posting and comments due to some unwanted "advertising" comments. I've forgotten how to remove individual comments, any advice my bloggy friends?

For those of you who regularly follow my blog you will remember that our youngest son Joesph moved to Dallas Texas in September in order to get flight hours necessary to begin applying for a job. This was an incredible miracle from the Lord and we continue to be grateful.

To make a long story short, the company who agreed to let Joseph fly for FREE was unable to keep it's promise to him due to a slow down in business so after a month of constant job searching and without any options our sweet son has returned home.Yep, that's right, as of 7:00 tonight our empty nest is not empty anymore. We of course are more than grateful that the Lord brought Joseph and his little red car safely to our door.
Joseph has an opportunity to continue getting the 1000 needed hours here in the Charlotte area so his journey continues.

He's been diligent to beat the bushes and turn over every stone possible to get this training just to be able to APPLY for a job, yet the Lord chooses to keep the doors closed or slightly cracked at best.

Now that you have the back story, here is my question
How do you encourage a grown child who has seemingly done everything to fulfill the requirements for his dream job only to experience one disappointment after another?
Of course we've reminded him of God's providence in our lives and encouraged him to trust the Lord in ALL things.
To be grateful for the Lord closing doors in order to orchestrate things for Joseph's good.
We've spoken all the truths we can find on God's hand leading and guiding our lives and we have earnestly prayed for the Lord to make a way for our son.
I'm confident there are lessons for each of us to learn, but my heart is breaking for my son.
So... how do you?


Blogger Sarah said...

I am sorry that it has not worked out for your son yet. God shuts door for variety of reasons but he always open just the right one at just the right time. I know the pain of your heart as I too have been broken hearted as things have not worked out for my daughter the way she anticipated and hoped. You are such a sweet,caring Martha spirit. I enjoyed the time I shared with you at She Speaks when we ate breakfast together. My best advice is to continue who you showed me you are and love on that boy. His persistance will impress the right person and God will provide for him. God Bless.

Blogger Joyful said...

Ah my friend, don't we wish we could understand all we can't understand and see the purposes now so the waiting wouldn't seem so hard...but then...there would be no faith growth. As Beth Moore says we need visible traces of His invisible Hand. They are there.

A song came to mind as I was reading your post. Sending a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb7TSGptd3Y (The lyrics are filled with great truths in the waiting.)

No words of wisdom...but continued prayers. Remember God's faithfulness in the past and know that He hasn't changed even though your sons path is being adjusted. This is still God's Plan A. Delay is not denial.

Trusting God with you and your family and sending a hug,

Blogger Chef Diane said...


I have no words of wisdom either but offer prayers. My ears and heart are open because I am hot on your heals with one of my sons. He is chasing hard after his dreams but the world as well. I don't know how hard he chases after the Lord. :-(.

As for the unwanted items on the blog, I do have experience on that. Set your comment moderation so that all comments must be approved by you before they post.

So glad that your boy is home and safe. Hey he can fly down here and pick me up anytime. I love to fly.

By the way you asked about Lawrenceville, that is about two hours south of me.


Anonymous Karen Ehman said...

Sweet Zoe-
No words of wisdom since my first just moved out....all I have for you is the reason why he's baaaaack.....so he can date my daughter who is now in Charlotte!!!! (Oh, I hope she doesn't hop on your site today and read this!)
Just kidding!
Hugs and prayers,

Blogger Di said...

As a young one who recently went through the same thing, and now found a job that I am miserable at, I have learned that God just has other plans for our lives sometimes. I am now chasing after my God calling and trying to become a missionary and I can tell you that the most helpful thing I have received is the support of my parents and their willingness to help me out when needed and allow me to be free to chase whatever dreams I have.
When I was trying to land the dream job and was continuously reaching closed doors, I finally had to just say "OK I'm done God, If you want me to have a job you better bring it to me; I'm done looking" God delivered a position with a begging employer 2 weeks later... He for sure works miracles when we let him.

Blogger Julie Coleman said...

I just wrote on this last week-- how our ideas of "good" may not coincide with God's ideas. He wants most of all for us to be intimate with Him-- and often uses waiting and struggles to accomplish that very purpose. Make sure you read my blog-- and let your son know you are with him all the way-- even through the wait.

Blogger Pinkshoelady said...

Praying for Joseph and your family. You need to talk to my mom and dad on how to encourage grown children.
I have a prayer request I would really like you to pray about with me. It involves my reason for wanting to one day wear those beautiful pink pumps. Please pop over to my blog and pray with me.

Blogger Kim said...

hey there Zoe,

It has been a while since I have been in blogland. This post about your precious child brought me to tears. My oldest son is having similar struggles. Although he has a job, he isn't happy, the pay is low-he isn't getting 40 hours a week, no benefits, and the boss is VERY moody. And the school loans have begun. He is so discouraged. I feel so sad for this generation. They should be at a time in their life where they are excited about their new professions and there just is so little opportunity for them.

so my sweet friend...i guess we just keep praying and assuring them that God has a plan and for some reason HE wants to "stretch" their faith at this time. It sure is hard on a mommas heart though isn't it??

love ya girl,

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