Back to Reality
Hey there friends,

Hope you're settling into another Monday and the beginning to another week.
We all made it home safely from our trip to the beach.
It was wonderful not having an agenda. We ate, slept, walked and shopped when we wanted.
I think we all returned rested and refreshed.

For those of you who asked here are my answers to the questions in the last post.
My Favorite Flower: Tie Between Star Gazer Lilies and Hyacinths.
Which would I rather sag: My Bust (it fell years ago). With a good bra and a lot of under wire you can lift a lot!
Favorite Childhood Memory: My daddy driving me to his little restaurant and fixing me breakfast before I walked to school.
What Store would I live to shop in if I had Unlimited Funds:
McKenzie Child's

It's a great store and if you're ever in New York city, you MUST go there for high Tea. It's like Alice in Wonderland for adults!
See Ya!


Blogger Tammy said...

HIgh tea..oh how I WOULD love that! I am a tealady who can't make it through the day without it. Glad you are home safe and had a great trip.

Blogger Sarah said...

I think I have a better chance to make it to Aurora since I am already out West. Glad to hear you had a great time at the beach. The table talk game already has me thinking of a girls day out.

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