Table Topics
Okay, so we're at Sunset Beach playing Table Topic. Funny and thought provoking questions.
What's your favorite flower?
What would you rather your bumper or your bust sag?
What's your favorite childhood memory?
What store would you love an unlimited budget?

Wish you were here!


Blogger Joyful said...

Bust (Thinking it may be easier to purchase a better bra.)
Family Games Nights after church every Sunday evening, with Coke Floats and lots of laughter.
Definitely a Christian bookstore!!

Wish I was there too!

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Ok, we have already addressed the issue of wanting to be there. (dead horse, let's not beat it :-) tee hee

Pink roses

Hum drag or sag? have to think about that. I think I want to be a weeble, they wobble,isn't that a cross between dragging and sagging?

Having ice-cream and cookies for dinner once a month. yum :0 oh my

Zoe, what are your answers.
Hope you had fun.

Blogger Sarah said...

Johnny Jump Ups (tiny pansies)
Bust, already happened. LOL
Camping with dutch oven peach cobblers for my birthdays.
Target I always seem to find the best things there on clearance, like my favorite green raincoat.

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