Divine Delays
A warm and sweet welcome if you're stopping by after reading today's Proverbs 31 devotion.

I've always been a stickler for punctuality, seriously! In the past there was nothing that has frustrated me more than being late or waiting on those that were. Okay, I admit it, I've spent most of my 50 plus years always striving to be on time or even early. Did you know I was even born a month early?
Maybe it's my Southern upbringing or maybe it's because my sweet daddy modeled this behavior for me. Whatever the reason, I'll admit in the past I must have driven my family more than crazy with my proclivity for punctuality. I think punctuality says I respect myself and especially others and their time.

While punctuality is important, my perspective softened after I had this wonderful and divine encounter as described in today's devotion. I should never allow myself to be so focused on "my timetable" that I miss out on an opportunity to minister to others and the blessings that follow. God's divine delays taught me that being used by the Lord for His glory in the life of others far outweighs arriving on time.
What about you friend, will you share your story about divine delays?


Blogger Jean Wise said...

I did come to visit your blog from your devotion. Your words and story touched my heart and made me realized how often I don't hear God in the little moments and what surprises await me when I do. thanks

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much to digest in today's devotion. Thanks for the challenge and encouragement. Melodie

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am delayed in marriage. In fact the Lord has asked me to give up relationships in order to allow Him to do whatever needs to be done. So i have been 'inconvienced' so to speak b/c He knew it wasn't gonna work out and HE wanted me to help someone else. So I am learning that God is VERY concerned with fairness and sometimes my pursuing Goals, happy family etc may have been at the expense of someone else along the way. Or it just maybe is His way of making sure I don't get greedy and selfish.

Blogger Brenda said...

Wow! I am so convicted by today's devotion. Just this morning, I heard the small voice prompting me to call someone who may have needed my help. I thought about it for a moment, and then I went on about my day as I was tired from working on a school project with my son and my husband is home from work. I am convicted, but with the encouragement from your devotional I will make sure to listen and obey the next time. Thanks for the encouragement. God Bless!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Zoe, thank you for your post today. I too am struggling in an in trouble marriage. This has been going on for over 2 years. I have prayed, I am in the word daily, I have forgiven and faced rejection time after time. I am going to counseling tomorrow, I had hoped my husband would go also, but he refuses, even to discuss separation. I am having a really hard, tearful day. Thank you for being there. Becky

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