Adventure Anyone?

What daring adventure are you into?


Blogger Michele said...

Hi Zoe,

6 months ago I started the biggest adventure of my life!
Alone, I left my home country(Brazil), to the other side of America (Canada). Living in another culture, speaking a language I'm not completely familiar with (as you can see, haha), in a totally different weather (in january I left a humid + 100oF, to a dry -10oF) has been my daily challenge.

Some think I'm crazy, some think I'm brave... I say I'm just obedient to God's call! I'll say YES to Him for as long as I shall live!
And in 5 days I'll be heading to Charlotte, where I've never been before, to the She Speaks Conference, YAY! The Speaker's evaluation group will be my next adventure! LOL!

Can't wait to tell you more details of my journey!

Sweet Blessings,

Michele Cas├ęca

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