Monday's Message

As I begin the last month (hopefully) on my old blog, I want to celebrate my new blog by bringing you something new: Monday's Message.
I want to bring you ideas and thoughts on different subjects and I hope you will respond with your valuable comments.

Is the word "Can't" in your vocabulary? Are there plans you're waiting to make?
Do you have dreams that are waiting to become reality?
What's stopping you and what can you do to change your cant's into cans?

Can't has always been a word in my vocabulary.
It's been there since I can remember.
In fact, this little word can't in part has shaped my life.
It's hindered me and held me back.
It's caused me to hide in my room.
It's caused me to say no.
It's caused me to procrastinate.
It's caused me to fail.

In contrast, look at this verse.

Philippians 4:13"I can do all this through him who gives me strength."

Friends, through Jesus Christ we have the power to do anything that is in the will of God. Jesus is the only one that can enable us with the power and ability to overcome and succeed in any situation.

If we learn to keep your focus on Jesus, He promises to give us the strength and the ability to succeed. BUT, please remember that God is under no obligation to strengthen us or enable us to succeed at something that is not in his will.

After studying this verse are you ready to turn your "cant's" into God's cans?


Anonymous Terry said...

This reminds me of when my daughter was around 8 years old. She would always say "I can't" and I was so tired of hearing it. One day I brought home a jar of nickels and told her they were all for her. Her face lit up! Then I told her that every time she said "I can't" she had to give a nickel back to me! It didn't take too long for her to eliminate the "I can't" from her conversation! :)

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