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I don't think I've ever met a woman who didn’t have an opinion on handbags. If you're anything like me, I bet you have more than three handbags in your closet at any given time.

Have you ever wondered what your handbag says about you?

Anita Daniel published an article in the New York Times in 1945 addressing the science of “bagology”. According to Ms. Daniel's article, a woman’s handbag is of extreme importance to her. It’s the key to who she really is.

Check out the following handbag options and see what your handbag says about you.

Backpack – The backpack-carrier says to the world that she is a practical and genuine person. She is always prepared and not concerned with what others think of her.

Clutch - A woman with a clutch is confident in who she is. She doesn’t feel the need to carry her entire life with her and isn’t afraid to ask a companion to hold any belongings that won’t fit in her clutch.

Under the Arm- The woman who carries her handbag under her arm is seen as the definition of sophistication and class.

Oversized / Tote – Carrying an oversized or tote bag says that you’re a busy bee but also practical and prepared. Those with an oversized/tote are seen as fun-loving and personable.

Fabrics and Frills – It’s not just the style of bag you carry but also its distinguishing features that speak about your personality. Knit bags give off a warm and artsy vibe, whereas metal accessories signal someone with a rebellious streak. Sequins and sparkles aregenerally worn by those who like to be the center of attention whereas neutral colored bags say that you’re friendly and approachable.

I completely agree with this bagology diagnosis, what about you?

Can you guess what type of handbag I carry?

Tell us what you think your handbag says about you?


Blogger Jennifer Dougan said...

Are you an underarm or tote? :)


Anonymous BethA said...

I'm a tote kind of girl. I'm guessing you like a little sparkle!

I want to say Sparkle and sequins, but I really think you are a large tote gal.

Blogger Hayden73 said...

Great article, did you know that there was a Facebook app that tells you all about the person you are by your handbag - go to and click the bagology link in the left hand side

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