Monday's Message

We are well into the January my lovelies and perhaps you need a little
re-calibrating as you continue in your pursuit to read God's word on
a daily basis.
Our pastor recently shared this and I wanted to pass it along to you.

Seven Daily Psalms:
Sunday: Psalm 24... God the Creator-Re-calibrating your life.
Monday: Psalm 48... God in His City-Rediscovering the Church
Tuesday: Psalm 82... God the Just Judge-Reengaging in Justice
Wednesday: Psalm 94... God the Avenger-Remembering the
God of the Covenant
Thursday: Psalm 81... God the Forgiving One-Returning to the God of Grace
Friday: Psalm 93... God the Holy King-Recognizing the Divine Majesty
Saturday: Psalm 92... God of the Covenant-Re-telling the Great Story


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