Shattered and Scattered
Our youngest son (24) just called me at work to say that he was sick with a terrible stomach bug, couldn't keep anything down and he didn't have any gingerale, saltines or dramamine in the house.
He feels terrible as you might imagine but to make things worse his girlfriend broke up with him last night and he is heart broken.
His heart is shattered and I'm scattered as I scramble to find ways to help him in his time of need.
As a mom I want to leave my job this very minute and drive the 1 hour to the house he shares with 3 roommates and bring him the things he needs.
As a mom I want to help mend his broken heart.
As a mom I want to make everything better for him.
I guess you could say that as a mom I want to "fix" things for my child.
I may be able to assist with his physical discomfort, but the emotionally pain requires much more than I capable of.
My husband says these maatters of the heart require
"open heart surgery"
and the Lord is the only one who can perform that type of procedure.
What have your experiences been regarding matters of the heart?


Blogger April said...

Hey Zoe! I am so sorry for your son! What a horrible thing to go through, both physically and emotionally! I will most definitely be praying for him! In the past when I have struggled with emotional woundings, my husband or my mother has tried to help "heal" them. But, as your husband said, the Lord is the one to do open heart surgery. For me personally, God begins the healing process, opening my eyes spiritually to what is going on. Sometimes, my reactions to hurt have stemmed from a bad self image, and God has to help me to identify it and deal with it. When I feel that first healing taking place, then sometimes God uses others to pour into my life and give me a boost. But, it always starts with He and I and some serious soul searching. Life can be so hard, and people can be very cruel, but every hurt we experince, every trial we go through, is an opportunity to grow spiritually. I am trying to view trials and tribulations as just that, opportunities. How can I grow spiritually through this experience? What gifts that God has placed in me can be "practiced" through this? I know that in All things God works for the GOOD of those who love Him(my fave scripture), and eventually, maybe right away, we can see that good that has come from those "opportunities" we face. When we're hurting it is hard to see God's hand, but we have to lean on Him and trust that there is a much larger plan that only He can see. I will pray that as God begins "surgery" on your son's broken heart, that the pain will pass quickly, and God's goodness and glorious plan will be revealed, and that in looking back your son will be able to see that this was an opportunity for growth and dependence on God. I pray that God's unfailing love will filter in through the pain, and bring healing, emotionally and physically.Blessings, April

Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

Hi Zoe!
I'm praying for your son. I have experienced the same stomach bug this week. Not fun!

Even though my boys are younger (16 and 13) I still experience some of those heart pains when they get hurt and there is nothing I can do as a parent except give them a hug and be praying for them.

I'm praying for you as well.

Blogger Melissa said...

Oh Zoe,

How I am the same way wanting to fix everything for the ones I love, especially my kids. So even though I know they grow in faith and character through their life experiences, it still hurts to watch.

You are such a sweet mom. Love you!


Blogger sHaLoNnA said...

Hi Zoe!
First of all I love your name! Let me share my recent "heart surgery" experience...about 5 months ago God put His hand on my heart and called me back to Him. I think of myself these days as the Prodigal Daughter Returned. I was raised "right", but like many decided that I knew better than God and went my own way for several years....until recently. He used a co-worker at my previous job to invite me to his church. As the friendship progressed we began dating and started to believe that God had brought us together as soulmates and future spouses to each other....well....the problem is that WE thought... One night my then boyfriend told me that God was telling him that he needed to go...not just right then from my apt, but from the relationship. And he went. The hardest part was that I had to absolutely Let Go and I had no idea how. I had never been in this situation before. With most breakups there's a deciding factor...maybe they did something hurtful, you weren't compatible, etc. In this case there were none of those things...just a still small voice. It was a blessing disguised as pain. I got closer to God over the next 2 weeks than I've ever been in my life. It became a real, personal relationship with Him. I learned what I know is going to be the most valuable lesson of my life...God is in control. There will be times when things don't make sense, when you don't have a reason other than because God wills it. It has become more fulfilling after the fact knowing that God has a perfect plan for my life and I am content to trust Him and be patient. I know in my heart that the best is truly yet to come and it will blow my mind when it finally does. I'm still very close to this guy and his family and the girl he's dating now is a sweet girl. I'm very close to his family and all the feelings I had God has transferred to friendship. I prayed and He answered. God knows what we need so much more than we ever will. The key is trusting that EVERY thing that happens is just a marker guiding us to greater things. I've started keeping a journal since this all happened and it helps because I can read back over the last few weeks and see how much I've grown spiritually and how quickly God has taken the feelings of pain and loss completely out of my heart and instead replaced it with overflowing love for such a wonderful Father who takes care of me. I encourage your son to focus on this thought.... as wonderful as he thought this girl was, the one that God has already made for him will be so much more.

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