25 Days and Mind over Matter
Good Morning Friends,

We are 25 days from the wedding and I'm feeling a bit old today. Maybe it's because I'm still recouping from that nasty cold or maybe it's because I worked out with Mike the machine yesterday or maybe it's because I really am getting older. What ever!

Anyhoo... I'm feeling every one of my years today, and that's why I had to share this hilarious picture with all of my bloggy friends.

Hey, if these gals can do squats in heels I have NO room to complain! LOL
You go girlfriends.
Make it a great day today and do some squats in heels.
Keep sending in your suggestions for those gift bags.


Blogger Oh Dear said...

You will be dancing in heels very soon!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could go a few different ways for the gift baksets, Zoe. Sample sized toiletries are an option along with some nail polish, etc. Nail polish only works for women though! Fresh fruit, crackers and some cookies/chocolates to satisfy the munchies is another option. You could also put together a little basket of love poetry, candles etc. or finally, a combination of all of the above!
Hope that helps!

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Ok, if that is some of that Greek dancing. I would put some Depend's in those gift bags. Because there are going to be issues, know what I mean honey!

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