Getting Older...

You can't help
getting older,
but you don't have
to get OLD.
George Burns
Put a little kick in your day today friends!!


Blogger JottinMama said...

LOL......too cute :)

I love it!

Have a fun day,
Kate :)

Blogger Chef Diane said...


I have issues, I am only 45. But I keep getting hit on by 70 something men. Maybe I need to put my hair in pigtails. What do you think? Yikes!

Blogger Kim said...

She looks like my Grammy years ago...she would run around kicking a ball with us kids...I hope I can be like her and NEVER get OLD!

Blogger Joyful said...

I just sent you a piece of flair on FB that goes nicely with this post.

Young at heart,

Blogger Oh Dear said...

I have noticed changes in me that are beginning to show my age. Yes, I know I am still a young almost 35 year old whose body has birthed 3 people-but I see these changes. I was so delighted to see in my one of my son's history books that the artist drew women-with backsides like they had birthed 3 children too! So funny how God loves on us isn't it!

Blogger Lysa TerKeurst said...

Hey sweet friend---

Oh what fun I just had catching up with your blog.

And guess who is doing the same diet as you and Marybeth...sigh... me!!!

I'd love to chat about it sometime with you---

Blogger Julie Coleman said...

When we honeymooned in St. Augustine, we had just finished making a big heart in the sand with our initials in it. A lady drove by on the beach and yelled out her window, "It will be different in ten years!!"

We still quote that lady and agree that it is different, these 29 years later. It is better.

Age has its issues, but one thing I love about being 51: the maturity that has come into all of my relationships. I don't miss the days of drama, when we would approach the crises in our lives with fear. We have learned that God can be trusted through personal experience. So age does have its benefits.

Unfortunately, being old also makes it harder to lose weight. Sigh.

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