26 Days and a little Greek Music
Hey friends,

There are 26 days until the wedding.
Thanks for all your suggestions on items for the gift bags.
I'm adding your suggestions to my list.

I'd love your input on an idea for the Mother/Son dance.
There is a simple Greek dance I think Josh and I could learn and we could dance to a some familiar Greek music.
What are your thoughts?


Blogger Chef Diane said...

Greek Music: I am sure it is great, but don't know it. (you can see this one coming,,,,,it's Greek to me) Sorry it had to be done.

Ok, off the wall choices for songs. This is not knowing the crowd or your son and future wife.

I'm Too Sexy: start with something else then he could break into that one and head for her.

The Macarania (sp) :?

I am not good at this stuff.

Whatever you choose make sure you get video of it!
How's the pink eye?

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Yeah, glad your healthy!

:-) glad I could make you smile

Blogger Julie Coleman said...

Zoe: I sent an email to you about a song I found in an advertisement in Family Circle magazine-- with a mother/son wedding song. Hope you got it.

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