51 Days and Shoes
Good Morning Friends,

Well... the great shoe search continues. I spent 3 hours at a local mall yesterday in search for the prefect mother of the groom shoes.
Can I tell you that I DID find the most perfect, most beautiful shoes I've ever laid eyes on or slid my feet into at a very upscale store. They were the very shoes I have been dreaming of and even describing. High heel, sling back nude color with the toe box encrusted with crystals of every shape and size. I spotted them when I first entered the door and they called my name, begging me, taunting me to try them on. Okay, truth be told I gave in and did try them on and can I tell you I heard angels sing.
Those shoes made my little stubby feet look long and slim and even my little stubby legs looked long and sleek. I walked around like the "Queen of Everything" in those beautiful, perfect for any special occasion shoes until I heard. "Oh madame, those shoes were made for you." "They would be the perfect accessory to your dress." "Oh yes mam, they would indeed be perfect to wear at your son's wedding." "They are $1,200.00."
Suddenly my dream world came to a SCREEEEETCHING halt.
"Huh????????" "Twelve hundred dollars, imagine that." I mumbled to the handsome salesman. "Yes, they are the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen or slid my feet into but I'm afraid that price is not in my budget." In all honesty I did spend the next 10 seconds trying to justify why I "deserve" these beautiful shoes and how I could get a fourth job to pay for them.Fortunately (or unfortunately) reason and sanity prevailed.
Poor man, I could see his bubble burst as his dream of meeting his hourly quota for the next week was dashed as I quickly removed the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen from my stubbly little feet
and handed the beautiful shoes back to him. I thanked him graciously for my few moments as the "Queen of Everything", then holding my head high I turned and left the store.

For the next 2 1/2 hours I searched and tried on anything I thought might work.
As time was running out for the day I did find this pair of Pretty, Pretty Princess shoes and brought them home on approval. I think they are a definite possibility and they are definitely in my budget.
What do you think?
Wonder if I can dance in these? Remember I mentioned there will be LOTS of dancing.
Hmmm....Maybe I should get some reception flip flops like the bridesmaids. I could bedazzle them and pretend I'm wearing the most beuatiful shoes I've ever seen or slid my feet into.


Blogger Chef Diane said...

OMG! 1200.000000000

I have never seen a pair of 1200.00 shoes. Maybe you should go back and get a picture of them. I would love to see what they look like.
You didn't use the "you can always wear them again" excuse?

I love the pair you picked out. They are simply elegant. If it were me for the reception I would get a pair of hot pick Chuck Taylor's. But the flip flops and bedazzle sound great also.

Luv ya,

Blogger Joyful said...

The shoes you pictured here are be-u-ti-ful!!!!! Absolutely darling!

I've never heard of shoes costing $1,200.00...WOW...and that's American prices...think what they'd be here in Canada...YIKES! Like Diane, I would have loved to have seen a picture of them. Were they made of pure gold????

Have a fabulous weekend.
Love ya,

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