53 Days and Counting
Okay friends,I can officially say "The wedding is 53 days away!"
I'm more than excited for sure but I still need to find the time to purchase the perfect shoes for my dress and a few shiny and sparkly accessories.

This is the church at Oliver's Carriage House. It is a beautiful church located on the second floor of this charming rock building with Sunday school rooms in the former horse stalls.

I can hardly wait to see it decorated and waiting for our precious Kelsey and Josh to say their vows.
Now back to finding those shoes... Exactly what type of shoe does the mother on the groom wear to a wedding in a former stable? Let's see... the dress is a navy knee length number and quite understated but very elegant.
Perhaps something in a nude color to make my little stubby legs look longer.
You know I've got to have some sparkle, make that alot of sparkle and it has to have a very high heel.
Hmmm... let me rethink the height of that heel, given the fact that I've walked off a stage in low heels and I did roll my ankle last week walking in my kitchen. Call me "Miss Grace".
Sorry I digress...
I do have to walk up a flight of steps to get to the church and the floors are beautiful wood planks (Don't want my heels to get stuck in the cracks).
Oh yeah, there will be dancing at the reception. Lots and lots of dancing.
Tom and I will have 3 dances by ourselves in front of everyone (Note to self... get a few dance lessons from our friends Lisa and Rudy).
Josh and I will also have a mom and son dance (Another note to self... get some more dance lessons from our friends).
Rumor has it Josh is selecting the song for us to dance to...
I just hope it's not "Thriller". LOL!
It appears I have my work cut out for myself. Any shoe hounds out there? Send me your favorite shoes stores that carry "pretty,pretty princess shoes" And no, I'm not doing the dyed to match thing.
Can't wait to see what you suggest.


Blogger Chef Diane said...

Oh, this one is going to be fun! tee hee.
Considering that I live on a farm, with a barn.(horses) Plus, I am not into the whole high heel thing.
Let me see. Here is the question:

Exactly what type of shoe does the mother on the groom wear to a wedding in a former stable?

I found the perfect description of one for you:

a sexy-as-all-get-out, curve-hugging knee boot with a killer heel and platform. Button- and buckle-accented straps line the full length for a look that'll put you miles ahead of the fashion crowd

you pick the color

what do you think, practical, yet a bit fun.

Blogger Joyful said...

What about the ones that suited your personality on Facebook? Now THEY would make a statement!!!!

Enjoy the anticipation,

Blogger JottinMama said...

The pictures of that church remind me of where I got married! We had our wedding in an Amish-built barn cathedral. It was awesome :) And speaking of shoes - since I am from Texas and since I did get married in a barn cathedral, I wore cowboy boots under my dress! I'm usually a sparkly hills girl myself, though. I'm sure no matter what shoes you wear - the wedding will be wonderful!

Have fun preparing!

Kate :)

Blogger Julia said...

Love the place! I can't wait to go!

Yeah! ;)

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