A flood of Blessing in PA
Come on now sweet sistas, somebaody give me an Amen!

Wooo Hoooo! My time in PA with these extraordinary women was an unbelievable time of worship. Each of you welcomed me with such warmth I just wish I could have packed you all up in my suitcase and brought home with me.

I'm so grateful for the ministry the Lord has built there at GCCC. HE has placed a warrior princess to lead you in Pastor Debbie and she is a powerful woman of the Lord who loves and cares for you in abundance. I can't even describe the love and desire Michele and her team have for serving the Lord, they are the cream of the crop!! They served us all so well and didn't forget even one detail.
Oh friends, I wish every woman I meet could experience the Shakinah Glory we had reigning down upon us these last few days.

I send you my gratitude and thanks for an extraordinary weekend indeed!!!

For those of you who couldn't meet with us, here is a very small taste of what we experienced together.

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord.


I will think of my time with you every morning as I worship our Yeshua Jesus.


Blogger Joyful said...

A resounding AMEN!

Thanking the Lord for all He did this weekend in PA! He is good. Wish I had been there. I'll check out your video links later - on the way to the hospital now.

Love ya,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You Zoe for coming and sharing your heart with us, we were truly blessed by you. What an amazing time in God's presence!!

with love in Christ!

Tanya Burton

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for being God's vessel to bring His word to the warrior princesses of GCCC. I pray you were as blessed this weekend as much as we were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a sweet week--

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zoe, Thank you for coming and for sharing your life and your heart with us. I stand in agreement with you for your son. God's promises are all yes and amen. You are a blessing to the body of Christ, you keep going Girl!!! Do we serve an Awesome God or what --- OOOOO -OOOOO!! Much Love and Blessings to you, Ellen

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are an awesome woman of God. I wasn't going to come to the advance and the Lord kept tugging at my heart and I was so blessed and filled with the spirit this past weekend and I continue to be filled with it. Thank you so much for pouring your love on us.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zoe, I just have to say that I was so blessed that weekend that I am still saturated by the spirit. I also got rid of 2 trash bags of cloths that either didn't fit and was wishing they would or just not me anymore. You've made me realize that I am A beautiful creation of God's, and I need to be proud of his work in me. Thank You God for my Friend Zoe. Love ya sista Mary W.

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