Lost and Found
Hey friends,

Thanks for your last posts. Diane I would give anything to see your boys in those aprons and Kate, I'm thrilled you have newly found maternity clothes to wear.
Okay... while cleaning out and organizing I found several things I'm been hunting for a L-O-N-G time.

I found my favorite pair of black strappy sandals buried beneath a former pile of shoes in the back of our closet. Remember, I gave 3 bags of shoes to the AM Vets last week.
I found the clothes that belong to my original "Chatty Cathy" doll. Yeah, now that Chatty is properly dressed she can come out of the closet. Poor doll, she had been tucked away hiding her nakedness.

I found my son's teeny beanie babies under his bed in a box - I'm keeping those

I found an old recipe book in the pantry- That has yet to be cleaned, painted and organized.
Maybe this summer.

Well friends, that's all I've found so far. I'm sure there are more hidden treasures awaiting me.
Happy treasure hunting.


Blogger Chef Diane said...


Thank heavens you found clothes for your dear "Chatty Cathy" doll. Poor baby how long has she been streaking around that house of yours. :-)Maybe she deserves a make over too.

Those heels are awesome,I had to give all mine up. That cookbook looks brand new. Has it even been opened? How old is it?

I asked the guys if I could take a picture of the apron on them. You should have seen their face. So I'm guessing it's a no on the picture.

I found an original game boy and some games.
Let's go see what else we can find.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


YOU are so inspiring....if I only had the time to "clean-out" like this....there is a box somewhere that I could never find after we moved 18 years ago! If I ever find it I might as well get rid of it-afterall I really didn't NEED it in 18 years! :)


Blogger JottinMama said...

I have that cookbook! And I whip up stuff from it all the time! I like it because it gives you neat info on all different kinds of foods. Like herbs and spices on pages 36-39.

Have a wonderful day!

Kate :)

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