Wallpaper is evil
For those of you who LOVE your wallpaper, let me just say You can have it!
As far as I'm concerned...Wallpaper is evil!

I spent the better part of the weekend steaming and scraping, scraping and steaming wallpaper from our powder room and the hall bath.
If that weren't bad enough, I was only able to remove 1 of the 3 layers of paper from the powder bath and most of the paper from the hall bath.
I've had little bits of wallpaper and backing stuck in my hair,
on my arms and on my rear bumper for 2 days.
I'm sorry you missed it, I looked so attractive arriving at my friends big birthday bash Saturday night with tiny pieces of wallpaper hanging from my pretty, pretty princess shoe.

Sorry, I digress. Because of that evil wallpaper I've now had to hire professionals to remove the remaining layers, patch and repair the walls (so much for staying on budget... I've completely forsaken my goal of finishing under budget).

I know you're going to ask and yes the walls were primed before that evil wallpaper was put up.
Evil, I say. Wallpaper is evil!
I wish I had some great spiritual metaphor for the layers of evil stuff that hides in our lives only to covered up my more stuff but I'm too exhausted and I can't find my brain today.
I just noticed I arrived at the office with chipped nail polish and my shoes and accessories don't match my outfit. Are you kidding me? What was I thinking?
I obviously did NOT look in the mirror before leaving the house.
Trying to get showered and dressed each morning using a different sink, tub and toilet in three different bathrooms before the workers arive doesn't leave time to coordinate ones clothes and accessories.

Poor Tom, this morning he had to do squats while trying to shave.
The mirror we're currently using in the hall bath is at navel level instead of eye level.
You go sweetie, squeeze those buns if steel!

Okay, enough of the whining and complaining .
But I still think wallpaper is evil!


Blogger Joyful said...

I'm with you on this one!!!! I have some "precious" wallpaper stories too!

Let's face it..wallpaper is all about appearance...it's surface...it's pretty, but it's the walls themselves that support and frame our home. Find myself singing that chorus, "When all is stripped away and I simply come, Longing just to bring something that's of worth that will bless Your heart..."

Praying His Spirit will strip away everything that doesn't honour Him in my life,

Blogger Oh Dear said...

We had only border in one room and it took YEARS to get it off. I recruited our 3 year old and 5 year old for help. The pieces were tiny when we got them off. NEVER AGAIN! Finally, a project lovin' friend decided she would help me with it as a gift to our soon to arrive baby! She has no idea it would take days.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could not talk me into putting wallpaper anywhere! It is pretty but it nothing but evil when it comes to getting it off!
I have spent too much time scraping and steaming. When we moved in our daughter's room just had a border, how hard could it be to take off? It was awful!
Hope the rest of the project goes smoothly!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know all about wallpaper!! There were 7 layers of it on our master bedroom walls of our first house. After taking a week of scrubbing, peeling, and scraping-- I vowed to never put up wallpaper in any room of any house I live in--- so far I have kept my vow!!

Blogger Chef Diane said...

There, There Sweetie,
Take A Deep Breathe
You can do this......
It is just paper with glue....
It can not get the best of you....

Deep Breath Inhale
Exhale (that's right)

Ok, so you have paper in your hair
and your nails are chipped,

Maybe you didn't stay with in the budget.

You get to work out and dressed at the same time.


No wonder you can't find your brain or matching accessories.

The up side of all of this is that you will have a beautiful place when you are done. In the meantime who could fault you for going to get your nails, hair done. Maybe some new princess shoes and a piece of chocolate or two.

Chin up sweetie, don't let the wallpaper win.


Blogger Kim said...

HA!! I am in total agreement Zoe!!


Thanks for the laugh again...can't wait to see the finished projects and to think your getting your husband in shape too!! "Two birds with one stone"!!!


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