Remnant Pricing??????
Okay friends, I've spent the better part of the last week searching and hunting for
everything for the bathroom remodel.
You know how I LOVE a bargain and to reach my goal of
finishing the project under budget.

Yesterday after work I went to a tile and stone company because they advertise
good prices on remnant pieces of stone.
As I walked through the area where they keep
the remnant pieces I found a few I thought would work.
The nice lady helping me patiently measured each piece to ensure
there would be enough product for the job.

We went back to the showroom where
she proceeded to "work the numbers" for a ballpark idea of price.
Evidently the owner makes the final decision on price but can I say
I'm praying the owner is in a really generous mood when he "works the numbers"
because the ballpark number she gave me was WAY out of my ballpark.
In fact the number she quoted me is only about $1.00 a square foot less
than stock material.

I thought remnant prices were supposed to be a lot lower than stock prices.
Where are the $100.00 granite counter tops I see in HGTV?
Where are these people shopping and can I shop there?

If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them.


Blogger Wendy Pope said...

Go to Pro-Tops on Gribble Rd in Stallings.

We bought a 6ft granite scrap including sinks and back splash for $750, installed. Not $100 (those people on tv go to wholesalers and let's face it, they are on tv)anyway, the guys at Pro-Tops were wonderful to work with.
Good luck
Wendy P.

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