Renovation Continuation
Hey friends,
The great bathroom renovation continues and the Master Bath now has holes in the wall and only half a floor (pictures tomorrow). 
It seems the builder of our 26 year old home did not install the proper sub flooring in that bathroom and now the workers are busy adding the necessary and proper floor supports.

It's been exciting to arrive home at the end of each day to see the progress made by professionals who care to do their very best. Ray, Brian and Matt not only know what they are doing, they do what they know with excellence, all day, every day. They go to great lengths to care for our home and our belongings as if they were their own. They clean their work area each day so well, one can hardly tell they were ever in our home (except for the plastic on the floors, and tools in the extra bedroom).

I'm confident the end result will be well worth every minute of inconvenience, and every pound of dust. Yes, I said pound of dust. Ripping out tiles, walls and floors makes a mess. Thank heavens for a shop vac. Hey, maybe that would be a good Father's Day gift for Tom... guess I should ask him if he would like that.
Anyway, I'm off to a church meeting. I'll post some photos tomorrow.

PS I found more of that evil wallpaper hiding behind the toilet on the Master Bath.
I'm thinking of keeping it as a reminder of the dangers of hidden evil.


Blogger Chef Diane said...

Didn't you just get a nice vac from ebay?

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