Ah...The Beach
Hey friends,

Tom and I are off to the beach later today for a few days for some rest and to visit some dear friends who have just moved to Wilmington, NC (Go Seahawks! Yep, that's my university).
You know the beach is my favorite place to be and I can't wait to arrive physically (mentally, I've been there for 3 days).

I have a lot of writing to do for an upcoming project and my mind seems to work best when my toes are in the sand.
I know we're supposed to have a few days of rain while we are there, but I don't care one bit. It's the beach!!!!!!
Walking on the beach rain or shine is fine, fine, fine!

Where is your favorite place to be and how often do you get to visit?
What subject should we discuss next?


Blogger Chef Diane said...

Ladies, the discussion on the last subject was awesome. Thank you I was the one who needed it. If you want to see how our discussion continues today in another blog check out Wendy Popes blog.
Amazing stuff!

Zoe, how is the beach? I love the beach even if it is raining. It is raining here in VA today. We needed rain so bad, but a bit chilly as well.
I love to write at the beach as well. That is where I have written some of my best songs. There is something so healing about bare feet, a blank piece of paper, a guitar and the sounds, smell and feel of the beach. Sometimes it seems like heaven on earth.

I love the mountains as well. Especially in the fall when the leaves are changing. I am blessed that I live in VA because I am right in the middle. Two hours and I am at the beach. Three and I am at the mountains.

Hope you get some rest and lots of writing done.

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