Sun Rise in the Sun Room
Gorgeous Monday morning friends,

My friend and fellow Proverbs 31 speaker Luann Prater sent this to me. I just love this picture and wanted to share it with you.
I enjoyed the beauty of this picture as I sat quietly before the Lord this morning and waited with a heart of anticipation for His presence to arrive.

The Lord never disappoints, and HE whispered HIS truths to my heart.

What truths is HE whispering to your heart on this gorgeous Monday morning?


Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe, this picture takes my breath away. Thankful for a God of beauty.

The Lord whispered deeply to my heart today. It all came about through this verse: “Teacher, we want you to show us a miraculous sign…” Matthew 12:38

Don’t we all.

Yesterday morning my heart was overflowing with compassion as I stood in church to sing. My eyes were drawn to several families. Two little boys, brothers, absolutely adorable, stood in the pew in front of me, with whom I’m presuming is their uncle. You see, their daddy has just recently been diagnosed with leukemia and he is undergoing treatment. These boys were being so considerate of each another, the older continually checking that the younger had a clear path of vision to the lyrics on the screen ahead. At one point, the elder of the two tried lifting his sibling. So cute, when the “elder” appeared to be about eight years old. When this idea failed miserably, he then allowed his little brother to stand on his feet to give him that extra inch or two of height.

From there my eyes fell on a single mom with her three children. This precious young woman, touched by separation, has just recently been left to bring up her children on her own. The youngest daughter was in her arms. As we continued singing, this sweet cherub began styling her mom’s hair. A ponytail was her choice today. With sheer delight she continued to comb her mommy’s hair with her hands, working a creative masterpiece, oblivious to onlookers. The mom sang on.

Not far from this family stood a couple who only recently have returned to the Lord. My eyes tear up every time I see them enter the church. A few months ago their youngest child, still a baby, became critically ill and it was discovered she had diabetes. Heaping this news onto an already physically exhausted mom with three young children has been overwhelming. Yet, here they stood, singing praises.

My heart cried out to the Lord for each one of them as my eyes filled with tears.

Lord, I want You to show me a miraculous sign on behalf of these precious ones. I want to see a daddy healed, a family restored and a life renewed. Father, show me a miracle.

Suddenly the scales of darkness were removed. I was looking at three miracles.

The Lord showed me that sometimes the miracle is in the strength to carry on. It’s in the power to get up each morning. It’s in standing and singing a true sacrifice or praise and believing that even though circumstances speak cruelly, God is good…all the time. Sometimes a miracle is following God by faith when we don’t see Him working. As Beth Moore says, when no obvious miracle comes there is good theology in ‘I can’t find Him, but I know He’s there.’ The miracle can be seen in caring pals, ponytails and praise.

Yes Teacher, I have seen miraculous signs. May I continue to look for You and believe when miracles come packaged in unexpected ways.

Hugs to you my friend,

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Beautiful my friend, simply beautiful!

His whisper to me today is that "it only hurts when you let it. But it will warm the soul when you let it as well."

Lawerenceville is about an hour or so south of me. If you have time I would love to meet up with you or come heat you speak. :-)

BTW I mailed your package today. So watch for the mailman, don't pounce on him, just watch for him. tee hee.

Blogger Christy said...

Funny you are talking about whispers... a couple months back on my blog I titled an entry whispers... check if out if you'd like... I think it was either in March April or May... can't remember... whatever month Easter was in this last year... it was early right... so it must have been march.
anyway... Enjoy reading the whispers the Lord had been putting in my ears that day!

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