She was grumbling as she entered the office and snapped at me for not checking her in fast enough.

How rude"I thought to myself. "Boy, that really burns me up!"
Then I took a deep breath, remembered that I'm a believer who happens works in a counseling office where people are stressed and need a little TLC.

If I wasn't careful, her grumbling would become my grumbling and her bad attitude would soon be mine, and that would certainly affect everyone in my office in a negative way.

I ran across this quote some time back and the Lord brought it to mind today.
An attitude is like electricity, except it travels faster and touches more

A good attitude is one that helps build others up, while a bad attitude spreads quickly, destroying the attitudes of others.
Both are quite contagious.

Try this simple experiment:
Simply smile and say hello to the next person you meet. I bet they will respond to you with a smile.
The opposite is also true, talk to someone with a crabby attitude and you will more than likely get you a crabby response.

Today's incident was a wake up call to check my attitude.

How will you handle the things that annoy you today, and what attitude will you show the world?

More importantly, will your attitude be one that expresses the love of Christ?


Blogger Oh Dear said...

I am going to remember the comparison about electricity!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am constantly working on my attitude. I keep trying to remember that joy comes from the Lord and not from external circumstances. Joy, joy, joy...that's the attitude we should have no matter our circumstance!

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