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Happy Friday Friends,
I'm glad you stopped by today especially if you're popping over after reading today's Proverbs 31 devotion.

I don't know about you, but reading this devotion today hit me right between the eyes. When I wrote this a few months ago, I had no idea it would be published this week.

Lately, I find myself running in circles just trying to keep my head above water. What is it about this time of year? I could understand it if my kids were still in school and we were frantically trying to get those last few projects finished, studying for exams and getting our party on at all the end of the school year parties. BUT my kids are grown, done with school and sadly I haven't had an opportunity to get my end of the school year party on in quite some time.

That being said... I have a confession to make. Its time for me to revisit my priority list, lay it out before the Lord and spend some quiet time letting the Lord reorder my list.
Clearly, His way is the better way. I know it, I've experienced it. When I allow Him to put order to my chaos, everything really does fall into place. Its proper place.

So, once again I'm committed to putting away my Martha mentality and refocusing on the Only One Thing.
How about you? What words of encouragement can you share with us today for keeping your priorities in His right order?


Blogger Zoe said...

How true, how true. I almost always feel like a Martha when I know I need to be a Mary. My cousin preached a wonderful sermon on this topic of putting God before all and this reminds me of something he shared. He said, very simply, that "priorities are not to be juggled, they are to be ordered." So often in the chaos of day-to-day life I hear the Holy Spirit whisper "Are you juggling?" That's when I know I need to let God put it in His order. It's just so difficult to put anything down. Thanks for this reminder.

6:13 AM

Anonymous said...
I know it's true but in a practical sense I'm not always sure what "seeking first His kingdom" looks like...

I wonder if I am doing it...and sometimes fear I am missing the mark...

How do I know that He is pleased?

7:08 AM

Anonymous said...
Thanks for the reminder..I keep asking the Lord to help me order my life each day and to put him first..but why does it seem as if we live in a Martha world...always rushing not finding time to do the right things and spending time at the foot of the Lord. We really need the Holy spirit to remind us and keep us on our toes.

7:17 AM

Anonymous said...
I often feel pulled in many directions at once. Remembering to put God first has brought me a great sense of comfort and peace. I pray that I and others like me, will continually be reminded to put God first and put trust in His ability to give us the strength to tackle the many tasks put before us.

7:40 AM

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...
So so true! Thanks for this reminder Zoe!

7:59 AM

Kelsie said...
Anonymous, I think to know He is pleased is to have peace. At the beginning of your day, pray that God would order your priorities and give you peace. Continue to pray throughout the day, and ask the Holy Spirit for discernment. I need to practice what I'm saying here, because lately I haven't had peace about my commitments. When I believe the Lord is pleased with me, I have the most joy. Now, though, I feel out of order, and I need to center myself on Him.
Great devotion!!

8:00 AM

Blogger Michele said...

I must have had my sound turned on for the first time today. Your ocean waves through me for a loop! LOL. :)

I'm going to recommit to doing the same thing. I need God to put things in proper priority order too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so true........we can get so wrapped up in our daily chores that we forget that if it were not for God's allowing us to do all the chores......we would never be able to handle them.......Looking to HIM for guidance and setting our priorities according to HIS way for us at THIS season of our life is important. As a grandmother I am constantly reminded of the busier days of parenting and I really want to serve him in the here and now as well. Thanks for a great devotion.....let's be Mary's and Marthas!! Birdie

Wow, I have been feeling like God has wanted me to do this for probably two or three weeks now and then this devotional came. I am going to make it a priority today to get with God and reorder my life priorities like He has been trying to get me to for weeks. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this reminder Zoe. Sending my oldest son to college this year, really hit me in the face, that time goes by so fast. We can do great things for God, and for other people, but if we don't do great things for our family, and most importantly for our souls, we will miss out on God's richest, deepest blessings. Choosing the one thing, slowing down, being at peace, letting go of what distracts, and taking hold of just God -- is LIVING!

Anonymous Pat "T" said...

Your devotion is definitely a "God Sighting"--for one of the Martha Club Members-ME! Several things touched base with me: Matt. 6:33 is a verse I use everytime I open this computer,but does it really sink in?? I remember the juggling while the kids were younger, but I, too, have adult children and what's my excuse since I have so much more free time?? I appreciate your devotion as a reminder to get back on track! It's time to focus seriously on Matt. 6:33 and "walk my talk!" Blessings!

PS I think the enemy uses some of the computer sites (FACEBOOK/GAMES) to lure us away from the Word & we become too comfortable & too pleasure seeking.

Blogger KELLY WILLIE said...

Zoe, I too am going to make it a priority to ask God to help me "put order in my chaos"! I am running on empty and should be enjoying the time of my life!! I'm off work this afternoon and I AM going to find a quite place and lay it out before the Lord! Thank you for the encouragement and all you do. Wonderful devotion. ~Hugs~

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am and have been begging God (in prayer) to help me and our family to sort out a huge mountain of changes and decisions that need to be made and prioritized. Meanwhile, we are more than ever making God our first priority daily, laying ourselves and it all at the feet of Jesus... and still struggling to know what He'd have us do. We have little sanity much less comfort and peace. I am feeling discouraged to say the least. We need friends, counsel, guidance, etc. and we just don't have any of it. I know I should rely on God for all of that but there are no voices or signs coming our's another hard morning to wake up to. Zoe, I just wish I had a support group to encourage me on. I don't feel like I know anyone who genuinely cares about us here...what a sad statement.
Thanks for devotion today. I always read them and am thankful for the blessings they bring.

Blogger Colleen said...

I know that when I put the Lord first in my life, it is so amazing to me how everything else falls into place. And yet, I am once again struggling to try to do it all myself, and allowing worry and confusion into my heart. I need to lay it all before God, and simply trust in Him. I know from experience that is the only way. I pray for the courage to just sit humbly at His feet and be still, and rest in Him.

I'm juggling so much that I don't even know how many balls I have in the air (or on the floor . . .). This goes right along with your devotional from last Saturday night at West Cabarrus Church - we've got to lighten our load by getting rid of the extraneous stuff in our purses. I'm having a hard time deciding what the extraneous things are, though! I so enjoyed your talk last week, today's devotional, & meeting you in person!! Thank you for your gracious honesty.

Blogger Michele said...

Thanks Zoe. I wasn't sure how to reply back to you, so I hope this is okay.

I don't have a lot of recipes in my blog. I kind of quit adding recipe ideas after a while--I hope to start it back up. It's amazing how you women at manage to keep your blogs and devotionals up every day!

I doubt any of my recipes would be Paleo friendly. I've stopped eating grains as much as possible. Maybe I'll look into that one too. I just wasn't sure how I felt about a lot of their assumptions. Do you like it and feel like it helps you to all feel better and healthier? Thanks for any input!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous Rollande said...

Wow...Sometime I feel I am the only one struggling with priority.This morning got my coffee and pick up my book instead of the bible.Decided to turn computer first to check emails.So now will take time with the Lord.Thank you thank you

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your encouragement today. As i read it the tears just wouldn't stop, because right now i am struggling with work, home, forthcomig marriage, a demanding 11 year old, actually everything. I feel i have to do everything right now and i think i can do it all by myself, and boy am i failing. But i do know that God is with me and but i really have to put him first, which i do, but then i forget (if you know what i mean) and off i go. I really want to thank you for the reminder. Really needed to hear it. God bless Chris

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