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Happy Weekend Friends,

I'm busy cleaning and organizing my office, actually I'm cleaning and organizing several rooms in the house this weekend. Good grief, how in the world did we (I mean me) collect so much stuff, junk, unused items and clothing?

If it's out of sight is really is out of mind for me when it comes to unused things. I had forgotten I had most of this stuff because I don't think I've even thought about this stuff or even thought of using any of it in at least one year, maybe longer. And what's the rule...
If you haven't used it or worn it in the last twelve months, toss it, recycle it or donate it.

Oh well... Good Will and The Salvation Army will have lots of new things for their shelves.

I don't want you to think that I'm doing this all my myself, Heaven's NO!
My Zhu Zhu pet, Jilly has been keeping me company all day long. Here she is in her princess outfit complete with her tiara. As a matter of fact, we're both wearing our tiaras while working today. Isn't she adorable?
My sweet friend Elise Wallace gave Jill to me for my birthday this year.

I'd better get back to the job at hand.
Happy Weekend!


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