The Help

I have been holding my breath waiting to see the movie “The Help” since it was released earlier this month. I finally went this weekend with two friends. Can I just say that this movie not only lived up to the hype and my lofty expectations, but this little movie exceeded both!

I grew up in the 1960’s and I couldn’t wait to see all of the fashions and décor. Both were indeed something this Southern Belle was ready to Di-AH (DIE) for. The sheath dresses, belted shirtdresses and kitten heels brought back all sorts of memories watching my mom get all dressed up just to go to town. You can be assured she dressed me up to.

Look at the set for Aibilene’s kitchen. I think the set decorators translated her simple and sparse life into the perfect kitchen décor just as it was portrayed
I laughed out loud when I saw this pink bathroom. Now ya’ll know I love all things pink, but this room is just too much! Talk about a blast from my past. We DID have pink tile in our bathroom, but our sink and toilet were white. Guess we weren't as fancy as Hilly.
If you haven’t seen “The Help”, I can only say, “Bless your heart, you must have been dropped on your head as an infant because ya’ll are soft in the head.”

Grab a friend or two and treat yourself. One word of warning:

You’ll be craving Southern House Wine (That’s Sweet Tea ya’ll) when you leave.


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